If I Never Knew You: The Forgotten Love Song

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The process of creating a Disney movie includes a lot of materials both recorded and animated hitting the cutting room floor. Many songs get written both lyrically and musically but never see the public eye (or ear).

Pocahontas was not spared the cutting room when it came to the soundtrack.

28. Pocahontas

If I Never Knew You is a love song sang by Pocahontas and John Smith during the time that the latter is awaiting his execution after being wrongly accused of killing Kocoum. Mel Gibson and Judy Kuhn recorded the song for the original release of the movie in 1995 but it was never included.

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiuBw_kj1-U]

For the 10th anniversary in 2005, the song was fully animated and integrated into the film. It was an optional feature that you could choose not to watch if you simply wanted to watch the version of the movie you remembered.

The scene was seamlessly integrated into the movie so unless you had seen it without the love song, you wouldn’t have known it was never there to begin with.

This song is not my most favourite love song and I can sort of see why it was cut originally. I feel it’s a bit slow and doesn’t pack the punch a love song should. I do like the fact they animated it and included it as an extra for the 10th anniversary. It’s always nice to see scenes that were cut during the process of making the movie.

Do you like this song?

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2 thoughts on “If I Never Knew You: The Forgotten Love Song

  1. I’ve just listened to the film version of the song and I’m not a fan. I think for me it comes down to Mel Gibson’s vocals as well as the slowness of the song. However I love the pop version. It is still slow but I think it has a little bit more of a kick and this time both the male and female vocals are really good.


  2. I agree, I understand why they cut the song as I think it would have changed the scene a lot, even though I loved Judy Kuhn’s vocals, I think it’s better as an extra. I do love the instrumental that plays during that scene as the OST fits the film perfectly and I think if they’d had the original song it wouldn’t have fit the atmosphere as well, however I do love the version they did at the end, the pop version, that worked brilliantly! – Tasha


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