My Meet with Frollo at Disneyland Paris

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

During my trip to Disneyland Paris back in October of last year, I met many Disney Villains. However, one thing I was excited for, was the chance to meet Frollo; a rare character in Disneyland Paris.

29. Hunchback

Firstly, Frollo was included in the Disney Villains show, which means I got to hear Hellfire in French!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1dT2eQLwXs]

Following the villains show, the characters would do a quick meet and greet before the next show. We had watched one of these shows, later on in the evening so it was dark, and stood beside on of the meet and greet spots. Following the show, the characters are guided through the crowd to one of these spots. We had picked a random spot, watched the show and waited to see which character would come to that spot. Turns out we had chosen Frollos spot and the crowd around it wasn’t that big. Poor Frollo.

As with the other meets after the villains show, you need to wait for the character to choose you for your meet and greet. We didn’t wait too long before Frollo came over to me. First he went to touch my hair, then pulled back before shuddering. This was so in character it was actually a little bit scary. He then took some of my hair in his hand and gave it a big sniff, just like he did to Esmeralda. Does that mean I’ve been chosen?

We were then ushered to a spot where the big spot lights weren’t behind us. Frollo grabbed our heads, straightened them towards the camera and our photo was taken. I loved meeting Frollo. He’s a rare character at Disneyland Paris these days so it as so nice to nice to see him out and about during the Halloween season.


a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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