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A Red Disneybound: Esmeralda

Aloha m wonderful merfolk!

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you will know that I love doing Disneybound posts. You will also know that I love to set myself a challenge. So far I have done different alternative styles, I have one Disneybounds on a budget and I have done Era Disneybounds. For my next challenge, I am going to do a Disneybound for every colour of the rainbow. So, for the next few Disneybound posts, I will take  colour of the rainbow and choose a character that matches that colour. I have to do the colours in order too. No skipping or mixing them around. I may include pink in this even though it is not really in the rainbow but choosing something pink is a challenge in itself for me!

This first week is red and so, I thought I would pick Esmeralda as she wears that gorgeous red dress during the Feast of Fools!

29. Hunchback

Firstly, let’s have a look at Esmeralda’s beautiful red dress:


Now, let’s take a look at my Disneybound:

First, I start off with the base of the Disneybound which is this red culotte jump suit from Boohoo. On top of the jump suit I would layer a purple checked shirt.

Vans make for a comfy, park friendly Disneybound. I found these purple ones on Office. Esmeralda wears big hoop earrings through the films and I found these cheap and simple pair on Amazon for £8.99.

Esmeralda wears a head piece with this outfit and I found this one in Claire’s accessories. If you don’t feel confident wearing a head piece such as this, then a gold hairband will do. Team it up with lots of gold bangles and bracelets like these ones from Claire’s accessories.

The final touch, as usual is the makeup. Red and purple nail varnish in alternating nails would look good. To match Esmeralda, try a brown-pink lip. All make-up from Barry M.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathom below








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