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A Shan Yu Disneybound: A Collab With Lizzie Bee

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today’s post breaks my Disneybound challenge, but only for the one week. This week, I have a collaborative post to share with you all. My lovely friend Lizzie agreed to collaborate with me on Mulan week. We discussed what we wanted to do and a good old fashioned Disneybound post was the answer. However, we have to make a Disneybound that mirrors our personal style perfectly.

If you want to see a Disneybound done Gyaru style, then head over to the lovely Lizzie’s blog and read her post here.

31. Mulan

I have decided to do a Disneybound inspired by Shan Yu. My style is pretty dark and gothic and I feel his character will fit it best.


Now, for the Disneybound:

 I’ve started this Disneybound with a simple grey dress which I found on SheIn. I love this website as you can find wonderful items of clothing for very little money. I teamed this grey dress with this oversized, chunky dark grey/black cardigan, also from SheIn.

I also chose this belt to split the grey up slightly, like on Shan Yu’s outfit. I found it on SheIn. I also found this beautiful wedge boots on SheIn and I can’t even describe how much I want them.

I love patterned tights and fishnets but I thought for this Disneybound I’d keep them a bit more subtle. These are from SheIn. This falcon necklace is from CakeForCorvids on etsy.

I found this faux fur racoon tail on Ebay that I would hang from my belt and allow to hang down. I also found these beautiful faceted plugs on WTF Plugs. For those of you, who like me, do not have stretched ears, WTF Plugs sell fake plugs for regular pierced ears.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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