100 Facts About Tarzan

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The 90s were just full of wonderful Disney movies and the next one is no exception. Tarzan has a wonderful story, wonderful animation, wonderful characters and an absolutely amazing soundtrack.

I am very much looking forward to this weeks theme. For now, here’s 100 facts about Tarzan.

32. Tarzan

  1. Tarzan was released on June 18th 1999
  2. It is based on the story Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  3. It was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.
  4. It was released to theatres by Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.
  5. It is sometimes considered the last major box office success of the Disney Renaissance era.
  6. Tarzan was given a budget of $130 million.
  7. At the time, this made Tarzan the most expensive animated film ever made.
  8. The film was directed by Kevin Lima and Chris Buck.
  9. Tarzan was the first Disney animated feature to open in first at the North American box office since Pocahontas.
  10. The signature ‘Tarzan yell’ is provided by Brian Blessed.
  11. He voiced Clayton, the villain of the film.
  12. Animators based Tarzans body movements whilst sliding on the tree trunk after Tony Hawk, the professional skateboarder.
  13. Minnie Driver largely ad-libbed the breathless speech in which Jane tells her father and Clayton about meeting Tarzan for the first time.
  14. Phil Collins was chosen to provide the music in order to sway away from Disney’s traditional showtune formula.
  15. The reason Terk is a female in the film is due to Rosie O’Donnell being the only auditionee to click with the casting directors for the part.
  16. When the gorillas pick up Professor Porter and turn him upside down, a bean-bag toy of Little Brother from Mulan falls out of his clothes.
  17. Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast can be seen in the campsite.
  18. Tantor sees them and gets scared thinking they may come to life.
  19. Disney animators hired a professor of anatomy to consult with over Tarzan’s musculature.
  20. He would superimpose the correct type of muscles over their drawings to help show them how to depict a man at the peak of his physical prowess.
  21. Most of the film takes place in 1911.
  22. The original shipwreck happened in 1888.
  23. The movie is set in Eastern Africa.
  24. This can be seen on a drawing of Tarzan that Jane is working on during the Strangers Like Me sequence
  25. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were both considered for the role of Clayton.
  26. One of the man reasons animation was chosen to tell Tarzans story was it was the perfect way to execute the lithe and animal-like character.
  27. Deep Canvas was a brand-new technique created by Disney for use in Tarzan.
  28. It allowed 2D hand-drawn characters to exist seamlessly in a fully 3D environment.
  29. The use of Deep Canvas was suggested by John Lassetter of Pixr whilst he was still employed by Disney.
  30. Glen Keanes son as very into surfing and skateboarding which inspired him to incorporate those movements into Tarzan’s.
  31. This is how Tarzan ended up with the ability to slide through the jungle trees rather than just swinging on vines.
  32. Rosie O’Donnell accomplished her life long dream of voicing a character in a Disney movie by playing the role of Terk.
  33. Professor Porter and Jane offer to ake Tarzan to England to meet Queen Victoria, Darwin and Rudyard Kipling.
  34. Charles Darwin died in 1882 which was the same year that 17 year old Rudyard Kipling finished college and returned to India, yet to be published.
  35. Brian Blessed has stated that providing the voice for Clayton is one of his two favourite roles.
  36. Tarzan ended the Disney Renaissance era.
  37. The film contains many references to the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan films.
  38. Tarzan went back into the Disney vault on January 31, 2002.
  39. Tarzan became the last film made by Walt Disney Animation Studios to win an Academy Award until Paperman in 2012 which won Best Short.
  40. Terk is the only character to have the same voice actor as both her young and adult self.
  41. She is also the first of any Disney character to have the same voice actor for both Young and Adult selves.
  42. Tarzan is able to look at the gorillas, including Kerchak, in the eye but in real life, Gorillas see human eye contact as a threat and will act aggressively.
  43. Lance Henriksen was cast as Kerchak as the filmmakers felt that his deep and gruff voice was the only one to be able to fill the immense size of the character.
  44. This is not Glenn Close’s first involvement in a Tarzan movie having dubbed the voice of Andie MacDowell in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes from 1984.
  45. This is the first Tarzan movie to have a one-word title.
  46. Both Tarzan and Jane are barefoot most of the time through the movie.
  47. Before Sabor attacks Tarzan and the gorillas, if you look closely in the jungle, you can see Sabor camouflaged into the jungles surroundings.
  48. When one of the gorillas takes Clayton’s gun to examine it, he holds it up and stares down the barrel in exactly the same pose as one of the apes in Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise attraction.
  49. Harrison Ford was considered for the voice of Kerchak.
  50. There are approximately 100 names in the closing credits.
  51. Tarzan is able to knuckle walk however this should be impossible as humans are not evolved to walk on all fours.
  52. During the trashing of the camp scene, two apes mimic the bump-bump step seen in the classic Disney short, In The Bag from 1956.
  53. The henchman that captures Jane on the ship and is bitten by her is a caricature of Tarzan’s supervising animator Glen Keane.
  54. The character was called Samuel.
  55. Jaguars don’t tend to live over the age of 15 in the wild so it is unlikely that Sabor, who was an adult when he killed Tarzans parents, would be alive to fight Tarzan as an adult.
  56. The lighting in Tarzans duel against Sabor is symbolic.
  57. Whenever Tarzan is safe from Sabor, he’s always in the shade but when he’s vulnerable, he’s outside of the shadow.
  58. This reflects how the gorillas were safe in their shady and secluded tree nests.
  59. This film was the second 2-disc Collectors Edition DVD to be released by Disney.
  60. Laura Linney auditioned for the role of Jane Porter.
  61. When Tarzan defeats Sabor, he presents the body to Kerchak and lays it on the ground, moments later however the body is gone.
  62. Clayton is the ninth Disney villain to fall to his death.
  63. He is also the first to die by hanging.
  64. When the lightning flashes in the original movie, viewers can see Clayton’s corpse’s shadow in the flash, dangling from the vine turned noose.
  65. This makes Claytons death scene the most graphic in Disney animated history.
  66. Clayton is shown to be a much braver Disney villains than others as he is shown to be not scared of death when Tarzan is about to kill him.
  67. Originally, the final fight scene between Tarzan and Clayton was supposed to take part on the freight ship.
  68. Clayton was originally supposed to die in a river boat explosion.
  69. Animators realised that Tarzan had lost his edge on the freight ship as seen in the scene where Tarzan tries to escape from the henchman.
  70. The animators moved the final scene back to the jungle where Tarzan had the advantage.
  71. The baby baboon that steals Janes drawings is seen eating papaya, however, papayas are native to he tropics of the Americas and not Africa.
  72. Janes clothes get more revealing over the course of the movie,
  73. This is meant to reflect her transformation from proper lady to a more free-spirited young woman.
  74. When she is first introduced, she is wearing traditional Victorian/Edwardian clothing such as high heeled boots and puffy dress and ears her hair up in a bun.
  75. The day after she meets Tarzan she is wearing a yellow shirt and green skirt with her hair in a half up and half down style.
  76. When she falls in love with Tarzan, she wears a white vest and red skirt.
  77. In the final scene when she stays with Tarzan, she is wearing red crop top ad matching mini-skirt.
  78. Takeshi Kaneshiro, Charlie Yeung and Sandra Ng provided the voices of Tarzan, Jane and Terk respectively in the Cantonese language version of the film.
  79. Wakin Chau sang all the songs in both the Cantonese and Mandarin language versions of the film.
  80. The treehouse in Disneyland’s Advetureland was renamed Tarzan’s Treehouse in 1999 from Swiss family Treehouse.
  81. Tarzan’s home, the Deep Jungle, is a playable level on Kingdom Hearts
  82. Tarzan has been adapted from its book many times over the years and is second only to Dracula on the adaption chart.
  83. Phil Collins not only did the English soundtrack but also for the Spanish, German, French and Italian languages.
  84. When the young Tarzan is trying to get a hair from an elephants tail, the apparent depth of the water varies dramatically.
  85. William Cecil Clayton, the character from the book on whom the film Clayton is loosely based, is Tarzans cousin.
  86. All the actors who voiced gorillas also provided their characters own gorilla vocal effects.
  87. This was the third time that dust was shown in a Disney film.
  88. During the ‘You’ll Be in My Heart’ musical sequence, Lemurs are seen in the jungle near by, however, Lemurs are only native to Madagascar.
  89. Tarzan has an unusual body count of six primary and secondary characters.
  90. This included Kala and Kerchaks first son, Tarzans parents, Sabor, Clayton and Kerchak.
  91. Kala, Kerchak and Tarzan are also injured during the movie,
  92. This makes Tarzan the bloodiest Disney movie.
  93. When Kerchak passes away, Tarzan does not shed one tear during the scene.
  94. It is one of the first deaths of a non-antagonist where no tears are shed.
  95. Tarzan takes place in Africa however Sabor is a Jaguar, a big cat only found in South and Central America.
  96. The noises the gorillas make are sounds of chimpanzees and not gorillas.
  97. In order for Tarzan to receive a ‘without age restrcition’ rating in Germany, a cuple of scenes were altered.
  98. The scene where Sabor killed off Kala’s offspring was shortened as well as the fights between Tarzan and Sabor and Kala and Sabor and the ultimate death of Clayton.
  99. During the Walt Disney Pictures opening logo, the background turns into that of a jungle.
  100. When Tarzan first meets Jane and tries to communicate with her, he should not be familiar with any human language having spent all of his life living in a jungle, however he pronounces his name in English.

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