100 Facts About Dinosaur

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This weeks theme is Dinosaur; another Disney movie I have never seen. Believe it or not, I’ve never really expressed interest in seeing this movie. It’s not one I’ve been interested in. However, this week will change this as I shall watch it and give you all my first impressions!

34. Dinosaur

  1. Dinosaur was released on May 19th 2000
  2. It is the 39th animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.
  3. It is also the first computer animated film to feature in the canon.
  4. It was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and Secret Lab.
  5. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures.
  6. The film was directed by Ralph Zondag and Eric Leighton.
  7. The producers of this movie were Pam Marsden, Baker Bloodworth and John Burton.
  8. While the main characters in Dinosaur are computer-animated, most of the film’s backgrounds were filmed on location.
  9. A number of backgrounds were found in Canaima National Park in Venezuela, various tepuis and Angel Falls also make an appearance in the film.
  10. In order to separate this movie from The Land Before Time, it was originally going to have no dialogue whatsoever.
  11. Michael Eisney insisted they include dialogue.
  12. Krons domineering right hand assistant, Bruton, is played by Peter Siragusa.
  13. At an official $130 million it is the most expensive movie released in 2000.
  14. One concept that was put forward for the movie was having the characters talk through voice overs, rather than having their lips move.
  15. Aladar’s name was originally going to be Noah.
  16. Kron was not originally intended to be the villain.
  17. The original script by Walon Green was green lit and set to go into production under the auspices of Effects Master, David Allen.
  18. It was going to utilize his patented stop motion animation technique in conjunction with live action scene of actors playing lemurs.
  19. These would have been designed and fabricated by Rick Baker.
  20. This version was cancelled when word came out that Jurassic Park was using full CGI created creatures.
  21. The original planned opening shot, showing the meteor moving through space, was cut when an identical opening shot was used in Armageddon.
  22. The pack of Velociraptors that chase the Herd were initially supposed to have small feathers along their necks so that they would resemble a pack of Native Americans attacking covered wagons.
  23. This idea was scrapped when animating as the feathers proved to be too challenging.
  24. The elderly Styracosaurus Eema is supposedly one hundred years old.
  25. The Brachiosaurus is said to be in her sixties.
  26. During production of the films computer graphic effects, Baylene was referred to by the animators as ‘The Wall of Meat’
  27. Eema is played by Della reese and is a wizened and elderly Styracosaurus as well as Urls companion.
  28. In Sweden and Denmark, Dinosaur is not considered to be a film in the Disney Canon.
  29. Among the sounds that Url the Ankylosaur makes at some points are chimpanzee vocalizations.
  30. Dinosaur was the first Disney Animated Feature Film to receive a PG rating since The Black Cauldron.
  31. Samuel E. Wright gave his voice to Kron.
  32. Kron is an Iguanodon wh is leading a herd of dinosaur survivors who are characterized by the strict adherence to social Darwinist theory.
  33. He believes in survival of the fittest and is the second antagonist of the film.
  34. The movie originated from Phil Tippett’s short film, Prehistoric Beast which featured realistic stop-motion dinosaurs.
  35. He suggested the idea of adapting it into a feature film to director, Paul Verhoeven.
  36. This was the first Disney Animated Feature Film to be computer animated instead of traditionally hand drawn.
  37. Harry Gregson-Williams was offered the job to compose the soundtrack for the movie.
  38. He turned it down as he was working on Shrek.
  39. Max Casella plays Zini who is Aladars step-uncle and wisecracking sidekick.
  40. Dinosaur was a box office success overall.
  41. It opened at number 1 in its first weekend.
  42. It earned $38, 854, 851 from 3257 theatres.
  43. It had a final theatre gross of $137, 748, 063 domestically which covered its production costs.
  44. Dinosaur earned $212, 074, 702 overseas.
  45. This took Dinosaur to become the 5th highest grossing movie of 2000.
  46. Hayden Panettierre gave her voice to Suri, Aladars stepsister.
  47. No rubber or prosthetics were used to make the dinosaurs.
  48. When Baylene is running to jump into the lake, she is shown to run right near the waters’ edge, however, after three shots, she is back to where she started to run.
  49. The shots between the Carnotaurus’ legs, is a nod to the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park when they attack the children in the kitchen.
  50. Dinosaur was the first Disney film to use the Orange Disney Logo in a Dark Background.
  51. It was Disney’s first non-Pixar computer animated feature film
  52. This was Samuel E Wright’s only animated Film outside of The Little Mermaid.
  53. Kron is also his only voice acting ole outside of Sebastien the Crab.
  54. In one version of the ending, Aladar and Kron were to have a fight near a river of lava and Kron would have drifted off in it.
  55. This concept was scrapped, possibly as it could have pushed the films rating to PG-13 in the US.
  56. The lemur patriarch, Yar, was played by Ossie Davis.
  57. When Aladar goes back to rescue the herd, he exits the cave and it’s night time however the cuts of the herd before and after are in day time.
  58. Lemurs and all other primates did not co-exist with dinosaurs as they first appeared millions of years after the dinosaur era.
  59. The directors knew this but felt the real mammals of the Cretaceous era were hideous and wanted cute creatures instead.
  60. Many of the reptiles depicted in this movie did not live in the same time or place as dinosaurs.
  61. Baylene, an elderly and dainty Brachiosaurus is played by Joan Plowright.
  62. Disney was originally going to use the T-Rex in the movie but opted for the lesser known Carnotaurus.
  63. At one point during the migration scene, Aladar is talking to one of the lemus who is riding on his back, the three other lemurs are missing.
  64. In the next shot however, all four lemurs are once again on his back.
  65. Dinosaur is the first Disney film to be musically composed by James Newton Howard.
  66. This is the third non-musical animated Disney feature following The Black Cauldron and The Rescuers.
  67. Dinosaur is responsible for bringing many species of dinosaur into the realm of popular culture.
  68. The concept for the film was originally conceived by Paul Verhoeven and Phil Tippett in 1988.
  69. It was originally pitched as a stop-motion animated film and was titled Dinosaurs.
  70. Dinosaur was originally going to be darker and more violent in tone.
  71. The film was originally going to end with the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event and the death of the films characters.
  72. Kate Bush reportedly wrote and recorded a song for the film
  73. Due to complications, it was never featured on the soundtrack.
  74. The song was apparently scrapped after Disney asked Bush to re-write it and she refused.
  75. It came to light that the song was cut due to audiences in preview screenings not responding well to it.
  76. Jacky Cheungs song Something Only Love Can do was adopted as the theme song for the movie.
  77. There were versions sung in English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese for the movie.
  78. When Aladar accidentally smacks into Neera’s head, she snaps at him and immediately turns away to continue on, however, in the next shot which is seen from Aladars point of view, she is only just beginning to turn around.
  79. The Countdown to Extinction attraction at Animal Kingdom was renamed and re-themed to the movie.
  80. George Scribner was the original director of the film.
  81. He spent two years on the project until he left to join Walt Disney Imagineering.
  82. The story stayed pretty much the same even after he left.
  83. Vision Crew Unlimited provided the live-action special visual effects in the movie.
  84. Vocals in the films soundtrack were recorded by Lebo M who did vocals for The Lion King.
  85. The soundtrack was released on May 5th 2000 by Walt Disney Records.
  86. The Egg Travels can also be heard in Lilo and Stitch, Around The Wrld In 80 Days and The Wild Thornberrys Movie.
  87. Neera, Krons sister and Aladars love interest is played by Julianna Margulies.
  88. Dinosaur received generally favourable reviews from critics.
  89. The film has an average score of 6.2/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.
  90. Disney released a tie-in video game for the movie.
  91. It was released on Dreamcast, PlayStation, PC and Gameboy Colour in 2000.
  92. This movie is similar to The Land Before Time as both involve plant eating dinosaurs living in a safe haven from predators.
  93. The running time of the whole soundtrack is just under fifty minutes.
  94. B Sweeney provides the voice of Aladar
  95. Aladar and Neera are the only two Iguanodons that do not look identical.
  96. In quite a few shots, Aladar’s eyes turn from bright green to bright blue and then back again.
  97. Throughout the film, Velociraptors and Carnotaurus make appearances but are not given voices.
  98. The film was in contemplation for over a decade and only went into production when it did due to the technology to produce the stunning visual effects had come about.
  99. Alfre Woodard plays Plio, the matriarch of the lemur family.
  100. Eric Leighton admitted that although the animators wanted to learn as much about dinosaurs as possible, they also took creative liberty as they were making a family friendly animated movie and not a documentary.

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