Top 3 Characters from Emperor’s New Groove

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Emperor’s New Groove is one of my favourite Disney film’s from the Post-Renaissance Era. I love the comedy in this movie and it never fails to cheer me up. Today, I thought I would share which characters from this movie are my favourites and why.

35. Emperors New Groove

3. Pacha

I love Pacha as a character purely because even after everything Kuzco put him through, says to him and could have done, he still offered to take him back to the palace. There was always the threat that Kuzco would build Kuzcotopia, destroying Pacha’s village in the process. Pacha however, did not let this stop him being a good person and saved Kuzco on many occasions. This is why he is in my top 3.


2. Kronk

Patrick Warburton is usually extremely funny in everything he does ans his portrayal of Kronk is no different. Kronk is portrayed as not the smartest guy and this works to Warburton’s comedic timing. I love the fact that Kronk wants to impress Yzma and do what she tells him but he also has a conscience. I love how this is shown as the angel and devil Kronk’s on his shoulder. Also, his poison speech before the dinner that turns Kuzko into a llama is every person ever when writing essays or blog posts.


1. Yzma

Maybe this one might be a shock or it might not be. If you know me by now, you know I love my Disney villains and Yzma is no different. The comedy of Eartha Kitt is genius. She hit’s every drop and her character is just fantastic. One of my favourite Yzma moments is her explanation of how she is going to kill Kuzco by changing him into a flea. Also, llama cactus!


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