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A Green Disneybound: Pacha

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Another Friday means another Disneybound. This week, as we’re still following the colours of the rainbow, is themed to the colour green. I’m not a huge fan of the colour green, although most could argue I’m not a fan of wearing colours in general.

Although technically not everything Pacha wears is green, he does have his big green poncho, which is good enough for me and will be the focus of this Disneybound!

35. Emperors New Groove

First, let’s have a look at Pacha:


Now, let’s take a look at what I chose for my Disneybound:

A simple plain white vest top is what I chose as my base for this Disneybound. It is only £6 from Topshop. In the movie when Pacha removes his poncho, he is wearing a white top underneath. I teamed the white west with these brown skinny jeans from House of Fraser. There will be cheaper versions of these skinny jeans online, I’ve used these ones as an example only.

To match Pacha’s bright green poncho, I found this cardigan on Amazon and it only costs approximately £4, depending on the size you buy. To switch up my styles a bit, I decided on wedge sandals to finish off the main base of the Disneybound. I found these Tan Katy Wedges at Debenhams.

I found these Aztec inspired earrings on Etsy in a shop called Dhara Jewellery. As the whole movie is about Kuzco being turned into a Llama, I couldn’t do this Disneybound without at least one Llama inspired piece of jewellery. I found this Alpaca necklace on a shop called Glorikamishop on Etsy.

For a little bit of extra glitz and glam, I’ve chosen Barry M Dazzle Dust in Venus and Eye Definition Liquid Eyeliner in Cocoa.

I love my nail varnish and I love putting different colours or ideas for designs in with my Disneybound posts. So for Pacha, I found this Vegan and Cruelty Free brand called Zoya, which is sold at Holland and Barrett. Although at £11 is slightly more expensive than some drugstore brands, you can at least know that no animals were harmed in the making of your nail varnish. I chose the colour Tangy for this Disneybound. Match this with Barry M’s Molten Metal nail varnish in Gold Digger.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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