100 Facts About Lilo and Stitch

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We have hit the week with one of the most adorable main characters ever; Lilo and Stitch. It was this film that sparked my love of Elvis and his music. The little blue abomination has such a big fan base now and I don’t think Disney expected the love for Stitch to be as big as it is today.

37. Lilo and Stitch

  1. Lilo and Stitch was released on June 21st
  2. It was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.
  3. It is the 42nd animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.
  4. The name Lilo means Generous One and it’s origin is Hawaiian.
  5. It can also be interpreted as Lost and this would give the song title ‘He Mele No Lilo’ a loose translation as Lullaby of the Lost.
  6. The name Nani means Beautiful in Hawaiian.
  7. Hawaii-born cast members Jason Scott Lee and Tia Carrere helped the writers with dialogue and accents.
  8. Disney promoted this movie with a series of trailers inserting Stitch into some of its classic titles.
  9. In the Little Mermaid trailer, Stitch surfs a wave that crashes down on Ariel.
  10. Stitch causes the chandelier to fall during hr ballroom scene of Beauty and the Beast, nearly crushing Belle and Beast.
  11. Princess Jasmine is stolen from Aladdin by Stitch during the A Whole New World magic carpet ride.
  12. Stitch takes Simba’s place on Pride Rock during hr Circle of Life Opening.
  13. Almost all of the landscape scenes in the movie are recognizable locations in Hawaii.
  14. This is especially true early in the movie when Lilo and Stitch are riding the bike around the island and in the closing sequence.
  15. Many of the aliens are inspired by Disney characters including Piglet and Tigger.
  16. The character of Cobra Bubbles portrayed by Ving Rhames, bears a resemblance to the gangster he played in Pulp Fiction, right down to the same earring.
  17. Like the live action monster movie that appears briefly, photographs of Elvis are real pictures and not animated drawings.
  18. This was the first Disney animated feature to use watercolour-painted backgrounds since Dumbo.
  19. Although it uses computer coloured but hand drawn digital cels instead of hand painted ones.
  20. A conscious effort was made to give the film a warmer, more old-fashioned look than most other modern Disney film.
  21. This film does not use the deep canvas technique used in some of its predecessors.
  22. It only contains about five shots which use either multiplane camera or 3D camera effects
  23. The use of tone mattes, the shading/shadows in characters, was kept to a minimum.
  24. Near the beginning of the film, Stitch is asked by the council woman to provide a sign that he understands what’s going on; he responds by licking the glass in the shape of the D from the Walt Disney logo.
  25. Along with Princess and the Frog, this is one of only two films from the Walt Disney Animation Studios released in the 2000s to be met with critical praise and to make it’s money back in its initial theatre un.
  26. When Pleakley and the Grand Councilwoman go to the prison to visit Jumba, in the cell to the right of the elevator is Dr Jacques Von Hamsterviel who went on to become the recurring villain in the tv series.
  27. In order to capture the traditional Hawaiian dance form, the hula, correctly, Disney took a camera crew to a renowned halau, a hula school.
  28. All of the introductory hula dance is modelled on sequences captured at the halau.
  29. This was not rotoscoped.
  30. One of the hardest parts about Stitch’s characterization was that it’s difficult to read what kind of emotion he is feeling mainly because his eyes don’t have pupils.
  31. The animators largely got around this problem by making Stitch very physical.
  32. Originally, Stitch was going to be an intergalactic gangster.
  33. Jumba was going to be a disgruntled member of his gang who was left behind during a heist and was going after him as a revenge.
  34. The other members of the gang would have been the ones who came to get him in the third act.
  35. The filmmakers felt that Stitch was more sympathetic when the audience thought of him as younger and so, was changed from a hardened criminal to a genetic experiment.
  36. Jumba became the scientist that created him.
  37. Stitch was originally never conceived to talk.
  38. Every time Pleakley looks at or attempts to show someone information about Earth, the device used is a Viewmaster which is intended to be used by someone with two eyes to create a 3D effect.
  39. The running joke is that Pleakley only has one eye and he hands it to Jumba, who has four eyes,
  40. Chris Sanders, one of the films directors, also served as co-screenwriter, co-character designer and provided the voice of Stitch.
  41. Stitch the character was first created by Chris Sanders in 1985 for an unsuccessful childrens book pitch.
  42. Lilo is six years old in the film.
  43. Daveigh Chase who voiced Lilo was nine years old at the start of production.
  44. This is the first feature length animated film to be set on Hawaii.
  45. Most of the license plates in the movie are A113.
  46. This is a reference to the room number at California Institute of Arts where many of the animators at Disney and Pixar received their education.
  47. The sign on Lilo’s door is the Hawaiin word kapu and can loosely be translated to Keep Out.
  48. Earth is referred to as being in Section 17, Area 51 in the Galactic charts.
  49. After Stitch breaks the water gun apart, Cobra is shown looking on disappointed as a crowd of people run by in terror; the last two people who run by are cartoon versions of Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois.
  50. According to the projected landing location of Experiment 626, the story takes place on the island of Kauai.
  51. When Stitch and Lilo ride a bicycle around the island, the famous Kilauea lighthouse can b seen in the background.
  52. This is one of the few Disney animated features to take place in the present day.
  53. When Lilo and Nani are watching from the bedroom window what they initially believe to be a falling star, a Dumbo stuffed animal can be seen off to the left.
  54. Dumbo, like Lilo, was also a misunderstood outcast
  55. Clark Spencer, the producer, has revealed the story was originally placed in an isolated town in Kansas rather than on Kauai.
  56. After completing the film, Chris Sander’s moved onto directing Bolt, however, he was dismissed by John Lasseter when he became the head of animation.
  57. In the subtitles for the Chinese version, a line spoken by Stitch in his alien language is translated into Chinese despite it having no corresponding English meaning,
  58. After picking up Stitch from the animal shelter, Lilo and Nani can be seen passing stores, one of them being called Mulan Wok.
  59. Nani has a Mulan poster from the Disney film on her bedroom wall.
  60. Tia Carrere, the voice of Nani, was originally considered for the voice of Mulan.
  61. The second animated feature to be made at Disney’s Orlando studio.
  62. The film’s North American gross of $145 million was Disney’s biggest gross for an animated film since Tarzan.
  63. Alan Silvestri collaborated with Hawaiin hula master Mark Keali’I Ho’omalu on the score.
  64. In the hotel scene, Stitch carrying a rose was inspired by an animation student that was known to give flowers to the animators at the annual Disney Institute animation classes.
  65. The films extra-terrestrial elements, such as spaceships, were designed to resemble marine life.
  66. There are several hidden mickey’s in the movie.
  67. One can be seen in the Grand Council scene, on Jumba’s platform.
  68. Another can be seen as a logo on the shorts of one of Lilo’s photographic subjects on the wall of her room.
  69. A third can be seen on one of the screens on Gantu’s ship near the end of the film.
  70. This marks the first time since the 1940s that backgrounds are painted in watercolour as opposed to the traditional gouache technique.
  71. Director Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois wanted to adopt the technique to hark back the style of Dumbo.
  72. This decision required a lot of background artists to be trained in the technique.
  73. According to Stitch’s dog license at the shelter, the adoption official is Susan Hegarty, the name of the actress who voiced the character.
  74. Also, according to the license, Lilo and Nani’s last name is Pelekai.
  75. Other writing on the license includes ‘as well as our partners at Disney MGM Studios for their participation and support during the making of Lilo and Stitch
  76. The two small black and white dogs that were part of the first group of canines Stitch met at the pound, resemble two dogs that belong to Dean DeBlois.
  77. One of his dogs was recorded breathing, grunting etc and was mixed in with Chris ander’s performance as Stitch.
  78. One of Pleakley’s human disguises in the film bears a striking resemblance to Francesca Fiore, a recurring character from the show The Kids in the Hall.
  79. All of the aliens are barefoot.
  80. Lilo and Nani are often barefoot throughout the movie too.
  81. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Animation but lost to Spirited Away.
  82. Daveigh Chase voiced the lead character in both of these films.
  83. The voice of Stitch was a difficult one to dub for other languages.
  84. Dutch voice artist Bob Vanderhoven did the voice dub for Stitch in the Dutch, German, Flemish and Italian versions of the film.
  85. The grocery store Nani tries to get a job is owned by a Mrs Hasegawa, a reference to the famous Hasegawa’s General Store in the town of Hana on Maui.
  86. In one of Lilo’s photographic studies, of a fat man lying on the beach, the man is so big that she took a couple of photos and overlapped them to get the picture.
  87. The cities featured on the postcards during the scene when Lilo and Stitch are having a snow cone include New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, Toronto, Orlando (with a picture of Walt Disney World on the front), Dallas, Chicago and Hong Kong.
  88. When Lilo and Stitch walk past this store selling calendars with images from around the world, the Orlando calendar has a picture of the Magic Kingdom on the front.
  89. The character David Kanwena is critically acclaimed to have been inspired by Hawaiin surf legend David Nuuhiwa.
  90. When Lilo shows Stitch his bed, a picture of Mickey’s head can be seen on the wall in the upper right-hand corner of the screen,
  91. Keith David was considered for the role of Cobra Bubbles.
  92. When Stitch emerges from his crash landing near the beginning, he starts chattering in an alien language with one of the words he says being Chewbacca.
  93. In the scene of Stitch’s escape at the beginning of the movie, all of the police vehicles, as well as the vehicle being piloted by Stitch, appear to be modelled after the Jaguar E-type.
  94. Inside the closing scenes while dancing at the Merrie Monarch Festival, two portraits are presented beside the stage; they are of George Naope and Helen Hale.
  95. The Walt Disney Pictures logo gets sucked in by a ship where there is green light coming from it.
  96. When Lilo explains about how she desperately needed to give Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich because he controls the weather, people thought she was crazy, however it is later revealed that Lilo’s parents died in a rainstorm, explaining why this is so important to her.
  97. Jumba’s red spaceship, seen in the climax is heavily modelled after the Boeing 747.
  98. This is because the original version of the flying chase scene involved Stitch and Jumba hijacking a Boeing 747 from Lihue airport and chasing Gantu’s spaceship through Honolulu.
  99. The scene was already completed, however, the terror attack of 9/11 happened and as a result, the scene was redrawn with the 747 being replaced by the spaceship we see today.
  100. The buildings were replaced by mountains and a street full of people were replaced with a valley having just one fat guy in it.

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