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My Meet with Stitch

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Back in October of 2016, I went to Disneyland Paris so I could experience the Halloween season for the first time. I met loads of characters, went on loads of rides, met loads of friends and generally had an amazing time

One of these meets was with Stitch, the little blue abomination. He was meeting at the costume corner photo opportunity that as positioned next to Casey’s Corner on Main Street USA.

37. Lilo and Stitch

The queue line for Stitch was not too long when I joined it, so I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long until I got to meet him and as I thought, this meet and greet did not disappoint.

Stitch gave me a big hug, which is awkwardly half captured in the photograph below before messing with my pins, pulling faces and picking his nose and wiping it on my jacket. Stitch is also not a fan of kisses, wiping each kiss I gave him from his nose.

Stitch’s Halloween outfit was absolutely adorable with his little bow tie and jacket. I’m so glad I finally got to meet Stitch and can’t wait to meet him again.



a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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