100 Facts About Treasure Planet

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Another week, another highly underrated Disney movie. Treasure Planet has one of the best songs to come out of a Disney film in a very long time. The film takes the story of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and gives it a modern, steampunk twist. No wonder I’m a fan of this movie!

38. Treasure Planet

  1. Treasure Planet was released on November 27th
  2. It is the 43rd full length animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.
  3. The film took 10 years to make having gone through production hell.
  4. This means it had the longest production cycle of any other in film in Disney’s Post-Renaissance Era.
  5. In the scene where Jim’s mother sits with him on his bed t read a book, on hi bookshelf is a Stitch doll in an astronaut suit.
  6. In a deleted scene, we learn that Jim Hawkins is 15 years old.
  7. As of 2011, this film was Disney’s biggest financial loss.
  8. The total cost for the movie was $180 million, including $40 million for advertising.
  9. The total worldwide gross for the movie was $101 million.
  10. This made the total loss for the movie $79 million.
  11. E.N sings a few bars from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  12. The name of the ship, R.L.S Legacy is a reference to the book’s author, Robert Louis Stevenson
  13. The ‘warped’ patterns of glass in Amelia’s cabin change.
  14. The human characters are hand-drawn.
  15. John Silvers mechanical arm and the robot B.E.N are flat rendered CGI
  16. The ship was created using Disney’s ‘Deep Canvas’ process.
  17. In some scenes, all 3 types of animation appear simultaneously.
  18. When Silver first meets Jim and Dr Doppler, Silver tucks in his shirt, however, two shots later, the shirt is un-tucked.
  19. The contest between Jim and Silver, each coaxing Morph to come to them so they could obtain the map, was ad-libbed.
  20. The film was pitched to Disney by John Musker and Ron Clements several times.
  21. Once was in 1985 during production of The Black Cauldron but they were assigned to The Great Mouse Detective.
  22. The next pitch was after directing The Little Mermaid but they ended up being assigned to direct Aladdin.
  23. After directing Aladdin, they pitched the idea again but the studio wanted them to direct Hercules.
  24. Musker and Clements agreed to direct Hercules but only I they were allowed to make Treasure Planet right after.
  25. When Mr Arrow tells the crew off for fighting, a mole alternately disappears and reappears on the side of Mr Scroop’s face.
  26. A sequel was planned with Willem Defoe set to voice the villainous Ironbread but it was cancelled based on Treasure Planet’s poor box office results.
  27. This was Patrick McGoohan’s final acting role before his death on January 13th 2009 at the age of 80.
  28. When Jim and Dr Doppler arrive at the space-port they get directions from two characters using a ladder; these characters are charicatures of the two directors.
  29. John Musker is the character at the top of the ladder whilst Ron Clements is holding the bottom of the ladder.
  30. Alan Silvestri left the movie to work on Lilo and Stitch.
  31. The company then wanted James Newton Howard to score the film.
  32. The score is a mixture of modern music and Celtic music.
  33. Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser is credited as co-composer on the track Silver Leaves.
  34. He is also listed as a soloist in the film’s credits.
  35. Walt Disney released the film’s soundtrack on November 19th
  36. John Silver bears a strong resemblance to Wallace Beery who played Long John Silver in the 1930s Treasure Island.
  37. This is the first Disney film in which the maquettes (small character reference sculptures) were not made entirely by hand out of clay.
  38. Silver’s cyborg parts were constructed out of plastic using laser technology.
  39. When Doppler runs up the stairs when the pirates attack the Inn, what sounds like a window is heard breaking, yet no laser shots were fired at that point.
  40. The films look is based on 19th century oil paintings.
  41. They were difficult to scan into the computer so all backgrounds were created digitally.
  42. The performance of Jim Hawkins was based in part on James Dean
  43. The first feature film to be simultaneously released both in regular and IMAX theatres.
  44. Footage from Peter Pan was used to test CGI grafts on animated bodies.
  45. A mickey mouse figurine is on one of young Jim’s bedroom shelves as Sarah talks to him while he reads.
  46. In the opening scene, as Flint’s ship flied towards the merchant vessel, the clouds form the image of Mr Scroop.
  47. The animators visited a Benihana restaurant to take for the scene where John Silver chops shrimp.
  48. Disney’s third adaption of the book Treasure Island after Treasure Island in 1950 and Muppets Treasure Island in 1996.
  49. Jim’s full name is James Pleiades Hawkins.
  50. Pleiades is a star cluster located in the constellation Taurus,
  51. Along with Moana, this is the only film directed by Ron Clements and John Musker not to star Frank Welker in it
  52. Captain Amelia’s hair was originally going to be jet black.
  53. However, due to a last-minute change, she was instead given light red hair.
  54. The villain, Scroop, shares his name with the equally villainous Lord Scroop, a character in Shakespeare’s play, Henry V.
  55. When B.E.N goes in to hug Jim a second time, Jim says ‘Will you just let go of me?’, but his lips do not move while this is said.
  56. Amelia’s original design had her with tentacles for hair that would move and hold objects.
  57. At the end of the film, Dr Doppler and Captain Amelia got together and had children.
  58. A few lines cut from the film revealed that Dr Doppler gave birth to the children,
  59. Disney ordered the lines to be cut because they thought males giving birth, even male aliens, was too risqué for a children’s movie.
  60. Jim’s clothes become lighter as the film progresses.
  61. This symbolizes his transformation from ‘bad boy’ to ‘hero’.
  62. Near the beginning, he wears a black t-shirt.
  63. During his adventure towards and on Treasure Planet, he wears a tan t-shirt.
  64. In the final scene, he wears a white military uniform.
  65. The song, ‘Always Know Where You Are’ was written by John Rzeznik, who also performed the song during the end credits.
  66. However, on the soundtrack album, the song was performed by British boy band, BBMak.
  67. Emma Thompson was pregnant during several of the recording sessions which is how Captain Amelia turns out at the end of the film.
  68. Treasure Planet took roughly four and a half years to create.
  69. Principal animation for the film began in 2000.
  70. There were roughly 350 crew members working on it
  71. By 2002, there were 1027 crew members listed in the screen credits.
  72. This is roughly 400 artists and computer artists, 150 musicians and another 200 technologists.
  73. When the ship is being pulled into the black hole, Captain Amelia says ‘Hold onto your life lines gent. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride’, her mouth says something else.
  74. The prologue of the film originally featured an adult Jim Hawkins narrating the story of Captain Flint in first person
  75. The crew considered this to be too dark and felt that it lacked character involvement.
  76. The film was also going to include a sequence showing Jim working on his solar surfer and interacting with an alien child.
  77. This was to show Jim’s sensitive side and pay homage to The Catcher in the Rye.
  78. As the film began with a scene of Jim solar surfing, this scene had to be cut.
  79. Whilst designing for Treasure Planet, the crew operated on a rule they called the 70/30 Law.
  80. This meant that the overall look of the film’s artwork should be 70% traditional and 30% sci-fi.
  81. The 70/30 law was also applied to the sound effects and music for the movie.
  82. Sound designer, Dan Davis and his team scoured hobby shops and junk stores looking for antique wind-up toys and old spinning mechanisms in order to create the sound effects for John Silver
  83. This was to avoid sounding slick of sci-fi.
  84. The music from the film is largely orchestral in nature.
  85. Treasure Planet does include two pop songs that were moderately successful.
  86. One was I’m Still Here by The Goo Goo Dolls frontman, John Rzeznik.
  87. The other was Always Know Where You Are.
  88. Prior to and during its theatrical run, Treasure Planet has promotional support from McDonalds, Pepsi, Dreyers and Kellogs.
  89. McDonald’s included promotional items such as action figures and puzzles in their happy meals.
  90. Pepsi placed promotional graphics onto the packaging of many their soft drinks.
  91. Dreyer’s used their delivery truck panels to promote ice cream flavours inspired by the film.
  92. Kellog included film-branded spoons in their cereal boxes.
  93. Hasbro also released a line-up of Treasure Planet action figures and toys.
  94. Doppler at one point references Star Trek’s Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy with an utterance of ‘Dan it Jim, I’m an astronomer not a doctor!’.
  95. Treasure Planet was released in DVD and VHS format in the US and Canada on April 29th
  96. Disney released a 10th Anniversary special edition Blu-ray/DVD comvo on July 3rd
  97. Treasure Planet was ranked #9 on Watch Mojo’s Top 10 Beautiful Animated Movies list on August 15th
  98. The film was an American box office bomb, only grossing $38 million.
  99. When Doctor Doppler say’s ‘Dang it’, his lips form the word ‘Dammit’.
  100. Joseph Gordon-Levitt provides the voice of Jim Hawkins.

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