Pink Disneybound: Morph

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Okay, I’m cheating again and bringing pink forward three posts. The reason? I adore doing Disneybound posts and without doing a Disneybound after the night sky of Treasure Planet, I can’t find Indigo or Violet anywhere.

Also, Morph is adorable so why would I pass on the opportunity to do a Disneybound inspired by the little pink blob?

38. Treasure Planet

Firstly, let’s have a look at Morph so I can prove how adorable he is:


Now to take a look at my Disneybound:

I found this hot pink swing dress on a website called Dolly and Dotty. Again, I love my fifties inspired fashion so had to pick a dress like this. Pink is a difficult colour for me t do Disneybounds for as my usual wardrobe consists of black, black and maybe some more black. Possibly grey if I push the boat out. I was originally going to make this a casual vintage-feel Disneybound but I couldn’t find any flat shoes I really liked. So, I changed it to a fancy Disneybound. I found these hot pink heels on Debenhams website.

The first accessory is this wonderful pink hair bow from Lindy Bop and at only £3, is an absolute bargain. This beautiful pink handbag is from CollectIf Clothing.

The next is more of a DIY accessory. The Morph necklace is from Starsical on Etsy. Team it up with one of these spoon charms from YT Supplies. In the movie, Morph turns into a spoon which Jim uses to eat his breakfast with.

The final touches are the make-up and nails. I’d have bold statement nails with these Barry M Nail polishes in Pink Candy and Bubblegum. Morph has big eyes so make sure to pick an eyeliner style that helps show this. I chose this liquid liner in Ebony from Barry M.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below



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