100 Facts About Home on the Range

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This week is an interesting one as this film can be considered the film that killed traditional animation. However, I don’t feel like this movie was that bad? It get’s a lot of hate but I have see so many worse films that are aimed at children whether it be traditional animation or the new CG childrens films. What do you think of Home on the Range?

40. Home on the Range

  1. Home on the Range was released on April 2nd
  2. It is the 4Disey animated feature film in the Disney Animated Canon.
  3. It was the last 2D animated Disney film released until Princess and the Frog in 2009.
  4. This was the start of the five year hiatus for traditionally animated Disney films.
  5. The film was named after the popular country song of the same name.
  6. The film earned its PG rating because of the line ‘Yeah they’re real, quit staring’ said by Maggie about her udders.
  7. During its release in theatres in the United States, the film reportedly earned less than half of its estimated production cost.
  8. This was one of the final factors that led to the decision to make Home on the Range the last traditionally hand-drawn Disney feature.
  9. The Sheriff who auctions off the farm to Alameda Slim saying, ‘The farm and all its livestock that goes eith it, sold to Y. O’Del’, but a moment later you see him auctioning off the chicks.
  10. Will Finn and John Stanford originally pitched the ilm as an animated feature film based on the myth of the Pied Piper.
  11. Maggie the Cow was originally written as a deaf girl.
  12. Michel Eisner immediately hated this idea because he thought no parent would take their kids to see a film where children are murdered.
  13. Finn and Sanford wrote this movie, which contains elements from the Pied Piper myth.
  14. When Alameda Slim is branding the map of all the foreclosed ranches he has bought, he brands the Dixon Ranch, which is Maggies former home.
  15. Cut to a close-up of the map and the brand is gone, but reappears several seconds later.
  16. This was the final feature film to use Disney’s CAPS pipeline.
  17. When Rico was caught, he asked, ‘Mother of Mercy is this the end of Rico? In a reference to Little Caesar.
  18. Both Home on the Range and Out of Africa (1985) start with a over-voice saying ‘I had a farm’.
  19. The working title of this film was ‘Sweating Bullets’.
  20. An early plot idea was about a calf named Bullets who saved his herd from a band of ghost cattle rustlers called the Willies.
  21. Part of this plot involved a timid cowboy visiting a ghost town and confronting a cattle hustler named Slim.
  22. This story was then changed into a story about a little bull named Bullets who wanted to be more like the horses that led the herd.
  23. In 1999, in an attempt to save the production and keep the existing characters, Michael LaBash suggested a different approach to the story.
  24. This was when the three protagonist cows who become bounty hunters and save the farm became the main storyline.
  25. Sam Levine, Mark Kennedy, Robert Lence and Shirley Pierce developed the new story.
  26. In 2000, Mike Gabriel and Mike Giaimo were removed from the project due to persistent story problems.
  27. Cuba Gooding Jr gave his voice to Buck the Horse.
  28. Home on the Range was released to UK cinemas on 6th August 2004.
  29. The Cinematographic Process for Home on the Range was Spherical.
  30. When Junior falls down the elevator shaft, you can hear a Goofy holler
  31. The second Disney film to star both Jennifer Tilley and Steve Buscemi.
  32. Alameda Slim is named after Wilf Carter who was also known as Montana Slim.
  33. Carter was known as a Country Singer and Yodeler.
  34. This film also stars two voice actors from Family Guy.
  35. Jennifer Tilley and Patrick Warburton voice Joe and Bonnie Swanson respectively.
  36. Patrick Warburton gave his voice to Patrick.
  37. Jennifer Tilley gives her voice to Grace.
  38. When Buck and Rusty are plating tic-tac-toe, a horse shoe print appears then disappears and is marked again as Buck walks across the board.
  39. Mexican singer/songwriter Ely Guerra was the voice of Grace in the Mexican dub of the film.
  40. In one scene, a boy is seen blowing bubblegum, however, it was not commercially sold in the US until 1928.
  41. One of the ducks on the farm does a dance exactly like Elaine on Seinfeld.
  42. The song old McDonald was not written until 1917 whilst this film is set in the late 1800s.
  43. This film I notorious for being an absolute commercial failure.
  44. The concept for this movie first came about in the mid-1990s when the Renaissance Era was in full swing.
  45. Home on the Range had the last trailer to be narrated by Mark Elliot.
  46. A poster for this movie can be seen in the episode Opposites Attract: Part 1 of 8 Simple Rules.
  47. Judi Dench gave her voice to Mrs Calloway.
  48. The French title for Home on the Range was La ferme se rebelle.
  49. The cow doing a slow-motion karate kick in the air joke was first used in a film called King Pow: Enter the Fist which was released in 2002.
  50. According to the trailer, Maggie originally fed a baby pig an apply from a barrel.
  51. This was likely to be work-in-progress footage as in the final version, Maggie pulls the apple from the pigs’ ear.
  52. This film was Alan Menken’s only project in the Post-Renaissance era.
  53. This is the last animated movie from Disney to use the 1,66:1 aspect ratio.
  54. This film is often accused for putting traditional hand-drawn animation out of business in North America’s cinema industry.
  55. Rotten Tomatoes has given this film a 54% approval rating.
  56. The film had a budget of $110 million.
  57. Mike Gabriel came up with the idea that might combine Captains Courageous with a western.
  58. This idea was pitched before Pocahontas went into production.
  59. Maggie calls Buck the ‘Stallion of the Ci-Moron’ which is a reference to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
  60. Gabriel developed his idea into a forty-page film treatment and sent it to Peter Schneider.
  61. In February 1998, Alan Menken signed a long-term agreement with the Walt Disney Studios to compose songs and/or scores for animated and live-action motion pictures.
  62. He was attached to provide music for Sweating Bullets about a year and a half after Hercules.
  63. In 2000, lyricist Glenn Slater was brought to the attention of Alan Menken.
  64. Together they wrote the first of the film’s six original song back in 1999.
  65. The first song that was written was Little Patch of Heaven.
  66. This was recorded by K.D Lang before Finn and Sandford were broad onto the board as directors.
  67. Buck runs over the tracks of Slim and the cattle to confuse the cows, but when the cows arrive all the tracks are cattle hoofprints.
  68. In the DVD audio commentary, the filmmakers explain that it was originally Slim, not Buck, who was to scramble the trails.
  69. This background was from the original version of this scene.
  70. During the movie, an Ox that is pulling a cart makes the same sounding grunt as Karl from Sling Blade, released in 1996.
  71. The villain song, ‘Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo’ incorporates the William Tell Overture, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and the 1812 Overture.
  72. This song was added after several story changes throughout production.
  73. The plan is to put 5000 cattle on one train however, the standard if you used 36 foot, one deck stock car common to the steam era, it would require a train that is three miles long.
  74. The train they showed did not have enough cars or engines to hold that many cattle.
  75. Following the September 11th attacks, Alan Menken composed the son, ‘Will the Sun Ever Shine Again’ in reaction.
  76. This song was performed by Bonnie Raitt.
  77. Home on the Range was originally scheduled for a 2003 release.
  78. However, it’s release date was swapped with Brother Bear which was released in the fall of 2003 instead.
  79. Roger Ebert gave the film 2.5 out of 4 stars.
  80. On it’s opening weekend, Home on the Range grossed about $14 million in box office estimates.
  81. It opened fourth behind Scooby Doo 2, Walking Tail and Hellboy.
  82. The soundtrack album was released on March 30th 2004 by Walt Disney Records.
  83. Anytime You Need A Friend was performed by The Beu Sisters.
  84. Home on the Range grossed approximately $103, 951, 461 during its theatrical release.
  85. Home on the Range is thought to be one of the worst animated films of all time.
  86. It is often debated against Chicken Little and The Black Cauldron as the worst film in the Disney canon.
  87. Roseanne Barr provides the voice of Maggie the Cow.
  88. There is a reference made to The Matrix when Buck fights some of the outlaws in slow motion.
  89. Alameda Slims brand changes between a reflected version and the correct version between shots.
  90. For instance, he is holding the brand towards the camera, the dollar sign should appear reflected.
  91. After the cattle rustling, and Rico switches horses, the cattle drivers grab Buck’s reins and break them however for the rest of the movie, they are whole.
  92. With the Willy brother sitting in front of Slim’s map, Little Patch of Heaven doesn’t show up until the characters are moved out of the way.
  93. The outline of Little Patch of Heaven should show up, for instance, while the camera is pointing straight at the boy’s face, however, it’s not there.
  94. The French Mistake from Blazing Saddles is being sung as the cows enter the saloon.
  95. The running time for Home on the Range is 76 minutes.
  96. In it’s opening weekend in the UK, Home on the Range made £198, 226 across 350 screens.
  97. The printed film format for this movie was 35mm.
  98. This was Kodak Vision 2383.
  99. The title of Home on the Range in Germany is Die Kühe sind los!
  100. Charles Haid provides the voice of Lucky Jack.

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