Why Do I Not Like Chicken Little?

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Although I try and keep my blog as positive as I possibly can, I think it’s only fair I explain why I dislike the film Chicken Little so much. I explained at the beginning of this week I didn’t like the film and I want to explain why.

Throughout this blog post, I will be sharing my own personal opinions. This doesn’t mean you have to feel the exact same way as I do. If you love this film, then great. If, like me, you dislike this film, then that’s great too. We’re all allowed opinions so please, if I respect yours, then please respect mine. Disclaimer over, let’s get to the blog post.

41. Chicken LIttle

Okay, I thought it would be easier to split this into separate categories:


The characters in this movie are all so bland and in my opinion, all really pointless. I don’t feel like any of them bring anything amazing to the story. Chicken Little is the antagonist of the movie and he’s just so annoying. I found him quite unbearable and really wish Disney had done something different with his character. I think it shows that they had created the story with a female lead in mind and changed it. Last minute changes are always noticeable I think. The other characters don’t bring much to the table either. Ugly Duckling, Fish out of Water and Runt of the Litter aren’t great supporting characters and don’t get me started on Goosey Loosey, Foxy Loxy and Turkey Lurkey. I don’t like the rhyming names personally but I can see what Disney were aiming for.



I understand the story is loosely based on the fable of the same name. The story has also been known as Chicken Licken and Henny Penney over the course of time. The fable is of a chicken who believes the sky is falling after an acorn falls on his head. In my personal opinion, there are plenty of other fables, and better fables, that Disney could have chosen to adapt for film. In the 1940s Disney adapted this story as anti-Nazi propaganda so perhaps they wanted to make a version not tied to the negative connotation of the time period. I don’t know, I find the inclusion of the aliens and the sky falling storyline is a bit bland and meh. I’m not a huge fan of aliens and the concept of them taking over planet earth so maybe I’m slightly bias towards this storyline. The baby alien is cute though, I suppose.



It was at this point that Disney realised that 2D animation was failing in popularity and that 3D animation was the way forward. This of course had a lot to do with how badly Home on the Range performed at the box office. Chicken Little was Disney’s first 3D animated project since Dinosaur 2000 and in my opinion, it shows. Disney released this film separate from Pixar studios and boy does it show. The animation is far from great, in fact, I would class it as quite poor. When you have Pixar to compare too who are constantly improving how their characters look and the finish their movies have, this is a poor attempt to replicate that. I feel like a lot of the characters just look awkward and unpolished. Again, perhaps because of my dislike for this movie in general I’m being a little too harsh on their computer animation skills, but again, this is only my opinion.



Overall as a whole, I thought this movie was a poor attempt by Disney. Their first computer animated movie outside of Pixar studios should have been amazing and one that people would talk about in awe but we didn’t get that. We got an awful story about a lame and pointless chicken who was silly enough to believe the sky was falling. We’ve gotten out amazing 3D animated Disney movie since but I always feel this was a big fail on Disney’s part.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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