100 Facts About Meet The Robinsons

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We reach another week where I haven’t seen the film in question. Meet the Robinsons is a Disney film that I’v not been in a hurry to see and I don’t really have a reason why. I think after Chicken Little and how much I didn’t enjoy that, perhaps I subconsciously wrote off this movie,

42. Meet the Robinsons

  1. Meet the Robinsons was released on March 30th 2007 in the US.
  2. It was released on March 23rd 2007 in the UK.
  3. It is the 47th film in the Disney Animated Canon.
  4. A picture of Walt Disney is seen in the orphanage.
  5. The parts of Lewis and Wilbur had to be recast when the original voice actors voice broke.
  6. The character of Lewis was voiced by both Daniel Hansen and Jordan Fry.
  7. Daniel Hansen voiced Lewis at the beginning of the film’s production.
  8. Jordan Fry re-dubbed some segments that had already been recorded.
  9. It is noticeable in some parts of the movie.
  10. Walt Disney Feature Animation wanted to assert themselves as being separate from Pixar, renaming themselves Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  11. This is the first film to show the new Walt Disney Animation Studios animated logo.
  12. This incorporates several seconds from Steamboat Willie.
  13. One of the pictures on Lewis’ wall in his room in the orphanage is of Nikola Tesla.
  14. At one point, Lewis mockingly refers to Wilbur as Captain Timetravel.
  15. This is evidently an actual superhero character in Lewis’ time, since this character appears on the lunch box he uses for the control panel of the memory scanner.
  16. The graphic even resembles a muscular, caped version of Wilbur.
  17. The film was based on a book called A Day with Wilbur Robinson.
  18. The science fair that Wilbur attends is held at Joyce Williams Elementary school.
  19. This is a nod to the author of the original story, William Joyce.
  20. This film started out as a live action project.
  21. When Wilbur’s dad is talking to Lewis, he uses the Disney Point to point at Lewis.
  22. Disney Point is a two-fingered point rather than one; it’s what Cast members use in the parks.
  23. Jim Carey had a choice at voicing Bowler Hat Guy or play Walter Sparrow in The Number 23 later the same year.
  24. He chose the latter.
  25. In the 3D version of the film, the credits all roll as 2D except for the names of the people who converted it to 3D.
  26. During the production of the film, director Stephen J Anderson acquired a new boss in the form of John Lasseter.
  27. He became chief creative officer of both Disney and Pixar.
  28. One of Lasseters first comments on seeing an early cut of the film was that the villain wasn’t scary enough.
  29. The ‘Todayland’ park is a tribute to the original Tomorrowland; the futuristic section of the Disney theme parks.
  30. Immediately visible are Space Mountain and the original Rocket Jets.
  31. After reading the screenplay, director Stephen J Anderson actively lobbied to direct this movie.
  32. As a child of adoption himself, Anderson personally experienced many of the emotions that Lewis expresses in the film.
  33. During the T-Rex attack, the train and pizza dough disappear after they are used against the dinosaur.
  34. This film took four years to produce.
  35. Wilbur travels from 2007 to the year 2037 which is a thirty year period.
  36. This could be a reference to Tomorrowland at Disneyland which was originally the idea of what 1985 would look like from the perspective of 1955 when the park originally opened.
  37. There is also a reference to this on a sign that says ‘Todayland@ when Wilbur first arrives in the future
  38. After a test screening for John Lasseter, chief creative officer of animation at Disney, he suggested a lot of changed to Anderson.
  39. In the next 10 months, prior to release, nearly 60 percent of the movie was re-shot and re-rendered.
  40. This added new story elements and action scenes as well as a diabolic sidekick.
  41. An unusual bonus on the DVD is an optional track that features only the sound effects and no dialogue or music.
  42. This is in 5.1 surround.
  43. After Doris created her clone, her hatband changes from purple to black and then back to purple again.
  44. Of the animated films released in 2007, Meet the Robinsons was the fourth highest grossing behind Ratatouille, Shrek the Third and The Simpsons Movie.
  45. There is a hidden mickey on the music stand sheets when Lewis meets Franny.
  46. There is also a hidden mickey on the cover of Gaston’s stopwatch, upside down.
  47. The squiggly lines on the central monitor in Lewis’ design drawings of the Brain Scanner spell out the word Mom.
  48. The dinosaur mascot for the baseball team that Goob plays for is homage to Dinosaur Bob and his Adventured with the Family Lizardo’ by William Joyce.
  49. Doris’ name is taken from DOR-15, which is the number of the chamber that she is placed into in the rejected inventions room at Robinsons Industries.
  50. Characters from the film were used in an anti-mobile-phone commercial to encourage movie audiences to turn their mobile phones off and behave appropriately.
  51. In a scene, we find the camera cutting to zoomed-up images of the Robinson family portraits which appear to be hand painted.
  52. In many of those shots the signature Ruppel 2005 can be found, referring to Robh Ruppel who was the Art Director of the film and was part of the Art Department in past Disney films.
  53. The plaque on the 6th Street Orphanage at the beginning of the movie reads: Established in 1855 the 6th Street Orphanage moved to it’s current location in 1892. Founded by the nuns of the 6th Street Parish during the cholera outbreak of 1850 that left so many young people without homes or families. It continued operating uninterrupted since then’.
  54. The Robinsons’ topiary garden is inspired by Walt Disney World.
  55. Large intricate topiaries have long been a staple of Disney World.
  56. Also, the Robinson’s garden features coloured circular ‘bounce’ pads.
  57. During the scenes where the characters bounce on these, they bounce in the same way as the jumping fountains outside the Imagination pavilion at Epcot.
  58. In the science fair scene near the beginning of the movie, there is a presentation on 3d movies, ‘Fad or Favourite’.
  59. This movie itself was show in 3D in selected theatres.
  60. Unlike Chicken Little which was filmed in 2D and then enhanced to 3D, Meet the Robinsons was shot from the outset as a 3D feature.
  61. Certain element that were removed in earlier story treatments and cuts of the film were reintroduced in the final shot of Lewis’ workshop.
  62. One outstanding element is the anti-gravity boots, which can be seen to the right of the unfinished Carl the Robot, which Lewis used in a fight with Doric in an early storyboard.
  63. Prior to the film, theatres showing the film in Disney Digital 3D show the Chip and Dale short Working for Peanuts.
  64. Theatres showing the standard version show the Mickey Mouse short, Boat Builders.
  65. The film played theatrically on over 600 REAL D digital 3D screens,
  66. This was the first Disney animated film to not be released onto VHS.
  67. Director Stephen J Anderson and actor Ethan Sandler voiced a significant amount of the cast between them.
  68. Many of these characters interact, consequently, the two spent much time in voice-over sessions together.
  69. As of January 2016, this and Chicken Little are the only Computer Animated Disney Animated Feature Films that are rated G in America.
  70. Doris’ final test subject is modelled after Stan Laurel of the Laurel and Hardy comedy duo whose distinctive attire included bowler hats.
  71. In a trailer for the Blu-Ray and DVD release of the film, Wilbur Robinsons voice is much different than what is heard in the film.
  72. The Brain Scanner on the Brain Scanners from Marc poster on the building next to the orphanage looks almost exactly like Doris the Hat.
  73. When Doris sabotages the memory scanner, you see her turning a screw anticlockwise to remove it, but as the screw comes out, you see it has a left hand thread.
  74. Carl’s voice actor, Harland Williams, also voiced a Robot in 20th Century Fox’s Robots.
  75. During the ‘pop quiz’ scene, where Wilbur is asking Lewis about all he knows about the Robinsons, Lewis refers to Wilber’s dad as ‘your dad, Cornelius’ however he does not meet Cornelius before this point and no one told him Wilbur’s dads name yet.
  76. The reporter voiced by Joe Whyte at the end of the movie looking for ‘a story for the local paper’ is the same animation as Derek in the Dreamworks animated film Monsters vs Aliens which was released 2 years later.
  77. When Wilbur is revealing his family, he says his dad looks like Tom Selleck.
  78. Tom Selleck indeed provides the voice for Wilbur’s dad.
  79. Meet the Robinsons was scheduled for an initial release of December 15th 2006 but was pushed back to March 30th
  80. The fate of the second time machine is never revealed.
  81. Lewis brought Goob back from the future in the first one which means the second machine I is still somewhere in the present.
  82. In the German version, Wilbur says his dad looks like Thomas Gottschalk who happens to be the voice actor in this version.
  83. In the Latin American version, Wilbur says he looks like Jose Luis Rodriguez ‘El Puma’.
  84. In the Italian version, Wilbur’s father looks like Giovanni Muciaccia, the Italian Art Attack presenter who is the voice actor in this version.
  85. The ‘Keep Moving Forward’ motto becomes a reference after the death of RWBY animator Monty Oum on February 1st
  86. In the Spanish version, Wilbur says his father looks like Raphael.
  87. When Lewis is explaining how the memory scanner works he says that the memories are stored in cerebral cortex however they are actually stored in the limbic system and temporal lobe.
  88. When Wilbur throws Lewis off the roof onto the invisible time machine, Lewis falls flat onto the glass dome complete with hollow glass dome sounds.
  89. However, when the time machine becomes visible, we see that the dome was already open and Lewis actually fell onto a chair.
  90. His limbs would have stopped falling at different levels than his torso.
  91. In the Japanese version, Wilbur says his father looks like Kazuhiko Inoue.
  92. During the memory scanners wedding scene, Lewis recognizes Grandpa Bus because of the sile on the back of his balding head.
  93. In the next few glimpses, Bud has no hair on the back of his head but when they get in the car together he does.
  94. Fire sprinklers do not work as depicted in the gymnasium scene; they are set off by heat and flames, not just smoke.
  95. As well as this, only the affected sprinkler will set off water and not all o the sprinklers in the room or building.
  96. The film received mixed reviews from critics.
  97. Over its theatrical run, it grossed $97, 822, 171 in the United States and Canada.
  98. It grossed $71, 510, 863 in other territories.
  99. This totalled $169, 333, 034 worldwide.
  100. DisneyToon Studios originally had a Meet the Robinsons 2 planned however John Lasseter cancelled this when he became chief creative officer.

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One thought on “100 Facts About Meet The Robinsons

  1. I like Meet the Robinsons but it’s not a fav. I don’t feel it has that “Disney Magic”, which was scarce during that era of Disney animated films. The only thing that annoys me is the references to Disney himself because the film wasn’t good enough. X


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