100 Facts About Bolt

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Bolt is one of the many Post-Renaissance Era Disney movies I hadn’t seen until recently. Going off how much I didn’t like Chicken Little, I was unsure of how much I would enjoy Bolt, so put off watching it for a while. When I finally got round to watching this movie, I enjoyed it more then I thought I would!

43. Bolt

  1. Bolt was released on November 21st 2008
  2. The film was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios
  3. It is the 48th film I the Disney Animated Canon.
  4. Despite the 3D animation, it was not released by Pixar.
  5. It was however produced by John Lassetter, the Pixar Chief Creation Officer.
  6. The budget of this movie was $150 million.
  7. When Penny is printing LOST DOG posters, the last 4 digits of the phone number on the copier are 8423.
  8. This would make the number (877) 504-8423, which is a number reserved by ABC for movies and TV series.
  9. Calling this number will pride the following short tape recorded message: ‘Thank you for calling ABC. The number you have reached is a fictional on-working number for motion picture and television production.
  10. Miley Cyrus was not the first choice for Penny.
  11. Chloe Grace Moretx had voiced the entire film before Miley was placed onto the project.
  12. In order to properly animate Rhino, the crew adopted a real hamster which they called Doink.
  13. They filmed it from beneath while it was walking on a sheet of Plexiglas.
  14. Thus they were able to see how rhino would walk in his plastic ball.
  15. The world ‘Bolt’ can be used as a vulgar word meaning a male organ in Russia, so it was changed to ‘Volt’ for Russian release.
  16. The film is also called Volt in Hungary, France and for the French language release in Canada.
  17. The film is called Lightning in Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia and Poland.
  18. It is called Thunder in Bulgaria.
  19. This is the first Disney film to be released on Blu-ray before DVD.
  20. At around 30 minutes into the film, the number on Bolt’s dog tag is the address of Disney’s feature animation building.
  21. A scene in Las Vegas where Bolt is confronted in a dark alley by two Doberman Pinschers, was storyboarded but not animated.
  22. The Doberman brutally bum-rush him and rip off his collar, leaving Bolt for dead/
  23. Bolt at this point is disillusioned and finally realizes his powers are not real.
  24. Disney got rid of this scene because they felt it was too dark and it did not fit into the story structurally.
  25. The design of Rhino in his plastic ball was based on John Lasseter’s pet chinchilla, which was brought to an animators retreat during the films production.
  26. Originally, Mittens was to be called Mister Mittens as her masters never took the time to check if she was male or female.
  27. Another sequence that was storyboarded but not animated was another variation of Bolt realising that his super-powers were not real.
  28. This time, through dramatic failure; Bolt, Mittens and Rhino are travelling along a bridge over a river, Rhino accidentally falls off the bridge with Bolt jumping in to save him.
  29. The rescue doesn’t go quite as Bolt expected and he almost drowns.
  30. They also find Rhinos hamster ball and believe him to be dead, until they see a wet, awestruck Rhino who thanks Bolt for saving him.
  31. Bolt realizes that he didn’t really save Rhino and feels the lightning bolt shape on his side, smeared by the water.
  32. This scene was cut because once again it didn’t fit in structurally with the story and it was felt that something more poignant had to be done with the scene
  33. The studio lot shown in Bolt is a recreation of the Riverside Dr entrance to the Disney Studio lot in Burbank California.
  34. It is the third Disney Animated Feature film to have a character voiced by Mark Walton.
  35. John Travolta was always the first choice to provide the voice for Bolt.
  36. A surprise nominee for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards but lost out to Pixar’s Wall-E.
  37. When Rhino is switching channels whilst watching tv, a Wilhelm scream can be heard.
  38. Once the replacement animation team was in place, following a swap around in directors and the films vision production only had 18 months to complete the film.
  39. This was instead of the usual four years that a computer animated film takes to produce.
  40. The crew found it difficult to find a balance for Mittens appearance between her neglected mangy fur, her hooligan side due to her miserable life on the streets and parts of softer fur still visible from every angle.
  41. The storyline of the Bolt TV show is reminiscent of the Nickelodeon show Inspector Gadget.
  42. The villain is named Dr Claw who also has a pet cat.
  43. Inspector Gadgets niece is also called Penny and she has a hyper-intelligent dog named Brain.
  44. To help the crew relax under the film’s punishing schedule and also give them a peek into the mindset of Rhino, a giant inflatable hamster ball was set up in the studio.
  45. The film was originally developed by Chris Sanders as ‘American Dog’, with a similar storyline but with major location and character changes.
  46. The titular dog was originally called Henry.
  47. Henry had much more of a Stitch look to him than the Bolt we see today.
  48. Mittens was originally going to be called Ogo.
  49. He would be a male cat with an eyepatch who worked as a mechanic in a junkyard.
  50. Rhino was originally an oversized radioactive rabbit.
  51. A lot of the movie was to take place in the deserts of the American Southwest.
  52. Sanders was replaced by Chris Williams and Byron Howard after John Lasseter became CEO f both Disney and Pixar.
  53. The project was overhauled in late 2006.
  54. Following this reshuffle, Chris Sanders left Disney and went to work for Dreamworks.
  55. While Bolt believes that he has super-powers he is self-confident but when he finds out that he is not a super-hero his self-confidence vanishes.
  56. This is a clear case of Dunning-Kruger effect, situation when one’s initial self-confidence is high due to his/her lack of knowledge which decreases in par with knowledge and increases again when one becomes an expert.
  57. When Rhino leaves the trailer park with Bolt and Mittens he says ‘lark tarath’ which is the Mak’Tar chant of strength from the film Galaxy Quest.
  58. First Disney animated feature conceived and produced in 3D.
  59. The two previous features were converted to 3D after the fact.
  60. The hotel/casinos shown in the Las Vegas scene actually exist.
  61. The three pigeons that Bolt encounters in New York City are similar to those seen in the Good Feather segment of the Warner Brothers cartoon Animaniacs.
  62. The first Walt Disney Studios film produced under Chief Creative officer John Lasseter’s management.
  63. Look and Lighting director Adolph Lusinsky and his team travelled to several of the film’s ‘real-life locations’ such as an Ohio trailer park, the San Francisco docks, New York streets and the desert surrounding Las Vegas to study how the light in those places interacted with the scenery.
  64. The Bolt TV show was originally going to be called The Omega Dog.
  65. The first film to feature a digital format by Disney that hasn’t also been done by Pixar.
  66. Despite the film being fully computer animated, the crew still relied heavily on hand-drawn storyboards.
  67. Jenny Lewis originally wrote and recorded two songs for the film but one was replaced with I Thought I Lost You’ performed by Miley Cyrus and John Travolta.
  68. In France, all the cinemas carrying the 3D version of the film showed it exclusively in it’s French dub.
  69. As such, viewers who wanted to see the film in English had no choice but to see the 2D version.
  70. The Disney artists incorporated brushstrokes into the artwork to soften up the angular lines in the CGI animation.
  71. When Bolt threatenes to drop Mittens from the overpass unless she tells gim where Penny is, the bus from Speed (1994 film starring Keanu Reeves), with 2525 on the roof, passes underneath
  72. Keeping Bolt ignorant of the fact that everything is fake, is similar to the Jim Carrey movie, The Truman Show.
  73. Directors Byron Howard and Chris Williams and look and lighting director Adolph Lusinsky were inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper and films from the early seventies.
  74. Especially the works of cinematographers Gordon Willis and Vilmos Zsigmond for the film’s visual look.
  75. Bolt’s archenemy is named Dr Calico. Appropriately.
  76. Calico is a type of cat.
  77. When Rhino is first introduced and is seen flipping through channels on the TV, the 1983 show Press Your Luck can be heard.
  78. Rhino also stops on the eighties TV show The A-Team as you can clearly hear Mr T talking.
  79. According to executive producer John Lasseter, the films emotional center is Bolt’s journey and the personal evolution it provokes in him.
  80. The diesel locomotives pulling the freight train that Bolt swings onto from the bridge are EMD SD70MACs owned by CSK.
  81. Some of the train cars are Gunderson 48’ All-Purpose well cars, owned by Trailer Train Corporation (TTX)
  82. The guards weapons are of a bull-pup design, placing the trigger before the magazine.
  83. Bolt is not the first Disney animated feature to have a lead character called Penny.
  84. First Disney animated feature film to release on Thanksgiving since Aladdin.
  85. In the book 101 Dalmatians, another Disney film, the puppies are watching a TV show called The Alpha Dog with a dog called Thunderbolt with an owner called Penny.
  86. This film marks John Travolta’s second time voice acting.
  87. Penny is seen reading the Tiger Beat magazine while Bolt is seen reading the dog Fancy magazine.
  88. Miley Cyrus had been starring in Hannah Montana at the time of this film’s release
  89. When the animals arrive at the Hollywood studio, a car pulls up and the security guard is distracted by the driver who has an appointment with Joe Mateo.
  90. Joe Mateo is one of the studio artists listed in the movies credits.
  91. Due to its well performance at the box office and receiving positive reviews, Bolt is sometimes considered as the start of the Disney Revival era.
  92. This is mostly due to the fact it’s the first Disney animated film to be both a critical and financial success since Lilo and Stitch.
  93. The banner which Bolt uses to swing himself, Mittens and rhino onto the train reads ‘Homecoming Weekend Oct 20-22’ which revals that this movie is taking place in the month of October.
  94. In one scene, it is revealed that only the animals can hear each other talking.
  95. This is the first computer animated feature film to implement non-photorealistic rendering.
  96. The end credits feature the life of Bolt as a real dog.
  97. The music for the movie was composed by John Powell.
  98. The gross revenue of the movie was $309, 979, 994.
  99. Bolt’s dog breed is American White Shepherd.
  100. There were 57 production babies born during the production for Bolt.

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