A Mittens Disneybound

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Now that I am back onto creating Disneybounds that reflect my own personal style, for Bolt week I can choose Mittens. Mittens is the cat that helps Bolt and becomes his friend during the film.

43. Bolt

First, lets have a look at Mittens:


Now, lets take a look at the items I have chosen for this Disneybound:

I’ve decided to go with a slight retro theme for this Disneybound so, for the top, I chose this Collect If black halterneck top. I’ve teamed the halterneck with these Hellbunny Capri trousers that have a subtle black and white check print on the turn ups.

The shoes for this Disneybound are the TUK Kitty Mary Jane‘s. I found a seller on Amazon who is selling them for £50, link above. You an however find these on the TUK website direct or on stockist sites such as Kates Clothing. The bag is the Kitty Kat bag from Banned Apparel. I found this bag on Kates Clothing for £27.99.

As the weather here in the UK is getting colder, a cardigan or jacket may be needed. I found this simply cardigan from Hellbunny on Starlet Vintage. It’s simple but it suits the Disneybound and will help protect against chills. Team it with this wonderful Erst Wilder Catastrophic Fright brooch.

The final touches are this Wolf Cat Familiar ring from The Rogue and Wolf and the nail paint. As per my usual style, paint all but the ring fingers in Black by Barry M and paint the ring fingers White, again by Barry M. Naturally you don’t have to use Barry M products. I choose them because they are a cruelty free brand.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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