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My Meet with Jack Skellington

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!


It’s my favourite day of the year and it’s finally here!

In October 2016, I visited Disneyland Paris for the Halloween season. One thing about the Halloween season I was extremely excited for, was that I was going to be able to finally meet Jack Skellington. I’d been dying to meet him for years but Halloween trips never happened. Today, I’m going to tell the story of my meet with Jack.

52. Nightmare Before Christmas

We waited by the rope drop for Frontierland after EMH one morning during our trip so that we could make it to the front of Jack’s line pretty quickly. His queue was always massive so we thought this was the best logistic idea. When the rope dropped, we quickly walked into Frontierland, heading straight to Phantom Manor where Jack’s meet and greet was situated. We joined the queue in about seventh place and waited for his meet to start at 10:30.

When Jack came out for his meet, we perhaps waited about half an hour to fourty-five minutes to see him as he was spending quite a bit of time chatting away to each person, which was great and we didn’t mind. We finally got to the front and it was my turn to meet him.

I gave Jack a big hug and he told me my hair reminded him of his good friend Sally’s; long and red. He then noticed I was wearing a scarf with his face on and he pointed out each different face on the scarf. We then stood for photos and shouted Halloween as that is our favourite holiday.

The photos with Jack took forever to come up on my photopass and I was worried at one point they’d been lost. I loved meeting Jack at Halloween and I am hoping I get to meet Sandy Claws when I go in November for the Christmas season, if he’s not to busy making Christmas of course!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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