My Meet with Dr Facilier

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Halloween 2016 was the first Halloween I spent in Disneyland Paris. I had wanted to be in DLP for Halloween for so many years and finally I managed to do it. During the season, the villains performed their Good to be Bad show multiple times a day on the castle stage. The villains would then come off the stage to meet and greet points and pick individuals from the crowd to get photographs with.

One of these villains was Dr Facilier who I was desperate to meet because from witnessing how he interacted with people, I knew I wanted that interaction too. So today, I want to share my experience.

44. Princess and the Frog

We were standing in a circle close to one of Maleficent’s brambles by the castle stage, waiting for Dr Facilier to start his meet and greet. He made his way through the crowd and to his spot. He circled the crowd twice before picking me out of the crowd for a photo.

He asked me my name and if I knew who he was. I said of course I knew who he was and I knew of his friends on the other side. We then posed for a couple of photographs. This meet and greet may have been short and sweet but it was one that I will always remember because it was amazing. Dr Facilier was amazing.

iPhone 6-10 109.JPG

Prior to my meet and greet, we had stood in another circle waiting to meet Dr Facilier. Whilst we were stood there, a small child pushed through my legs and fell onto Dr Faciliers’ foot. He stopped chatting to members of the crowd, looked straight up and called out ‘Whose child is this?’, gesturing for the parents to remove it from his foot. It doesn’t sound as funny when written down but his mannerisms and reactions were just amazing and hilarious.


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