100 Facts About Tangled

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Now that we’ve properly hit the Revival Era of the Disney Animated Canon, almost every week will feature a favourite film of mine. This week is the turn of Tangled which is very high up in my list of Disney films. It makes me happy, it gets me emotional, it has good songs and sidekicks. It has everything I love in a Disney movie!

45. Tangled

  1. Tangled was released on November 24th  2010
  2. It is the 50th animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.
  3. It is the second film in the Disney Revival Era, following Princess and the Frog.
  4. The film was based on the story of Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm.
  5. It is a musical fantasy produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  6. Tangled was given a budget of $260 million.
  7. This is the first animated Disney Princess film to get a PG rating by the MPAA.
  8. The character design for Flynn came from a process called the ‘hot man meeting’ by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard.
  9. They set up a meeting with the female employees of the studio in one room and asked them for their opinion on what made a man good looking such as eye colour, hair colour and style and body type.
  10. Video footage showed concept art and various male celebrities including Hugh Jackman, David Beckham and Gene Kelly on the walls.
  11. Tangled is the most expensive Disney film in the animated canon.
  12. Whenever Mother Gothel expressed her love to Rapunzel, it is always to her hair and not directly to Rapunzel.
  13. She kisses Rapunzel on the head and touches her hair whenever expressing love.
  14. She also calls her ‘my little flower’ in reference to the original flower.
  15. By contrast, whenever Flynn is being affectionate to Rapunzel, he brushes her hair away so he can see her face better,
  16. Over 45,000 lanterns were used during the ‘I See The Light’ sequence.
  17. Zachary Levi auditioned for the part of Flynn Rider and got it by auditioning with a British accent.
  18. Later, this was dropped and Levi read the role in his own American accent instead.
  19. In an attempt to market the film to a wider audience, Disney changed the title of the film from Rapunzel to Tangled and promoted it as a comedic adventure.
  20. An early trailer focused less on Rapunzel and more on Flynn Rider.
  21. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel both auditioned for the role of Rapunzel.
  22. For the scene in which Rapunzel enters the marketplace, the animators were inspired by entrances of Walt Disney World and Disneyland.
  23. Animators have said that Rapunzel’s hair is approximately 70 feet.
  24. It consists of about 100,000 strands.
  25. Pinocchio can be seen in the Snuggly Duckling, right after the cupid is swung to the right of the screen.
  26. Pumbaa from The Lion King and Louis from The Princess and the Frog can also be found.
  27. It is thought they were all involved in this scene due to them all having dreams.
  28. Rapunzel is the only green-eyed Disney princess.
  29. According to Glen Keane, the films visual style was greatly inspired by the romantic painting, The Swing by French rococo artist Jean Honore Fragonard.
  30. In the Kingdom Dance scene, there are over 3000 people present.
  31. This is the largest crowd scene out of any other Disney film.
  32. Alan Menken reported that he based the films musical score on 1960s rock music.
  33. The character of Rapunzel is constantly barefoot which is something she shares with her voice actor, Mandy Moore who loves to perform barefoot.
  34. Rapunzel’s parents have no spoken dialogue in the movie.
  35. From the beginning, Glen Keane intended that the film looked and felt like a traditional hand-drawn film but in 3D.
  36. Rapunzel and Flynn can both be seen in Frozen as part of the crowd when the palace gates open for Elsa’s coronation.
  37. The hero’s name was originally going to be Bastian.
  38. This is Disney’s first CGI fairy tale film adaption.
  39. According to Doeri Welch Greiner, the original script was a quasi-sequel to Enchanted.
  40. It had Rapunzel turned into a squirrel and her place taken by a girl in the real world.
  41. The sword that Maximus uses to fight Flynn at the dam is a Roman gladius.
  42. This would normally be an anachronism to the time-set of the movie.
  43. However, in this case, it is very fitting because the name Maximus is also Roman.
  44. In the song ‘When Will My Life Begin?’, Rapunzel says she’ll ‘take a climb’ and climbs up her hair.
  45. The way she climbs is an actual aerial silk climbing technique.
  46. Natalie Portman was considered for the role of Rapunzel.
  47. Her audition as used for a pencil test.
  48. The song that activates the power of the magic flower is only sung the whole way through, without breaks, twice.
  49. Once when Rapunzel heals Mother Gothel.
  50. The next time is when Rapunzel is holding Eugene’s hand.
  51. The rest were separated by scenes or never completed.
  52. In the Snuggly Duckling tavern, the ruffian ‘Greno’ who leaves to get the guards is name for, and modelled after, the film’s co-director Nathan Greno.
  53. The character is much bigger but has the same van Dyke-style goatee and the same arm tattoos.
  54. The song ‘When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 1) and part of the song ‘Mother Knows Best’ are omitted from the movie.
  55. The complete renditions can however be found on the soundtrack album.
  56. The algorithm that manages how Rapunzel’s hair moves appears to be based on a similar algorithm for cloth,
  57. This is noticeable for example when Rapunzel tosses her hair around her in a spiral during ‘When Will My Life Begin’.
  58. Glen Keane credits animator Kyle Strawitz for achieving the painterly style of the film.
  59. In the tower, Gothels bedroom has a door whilst Rapunzel’s bedroom doesn’t; it only has curtains.
  60. The colour of the main characters clothes are meant to reflect their personalities.
  61. Rapunzel wears purple which is a colour often associated with loyalty.
  62. Flynn/Eugene wears blue and white which are colours that often stand for goodness.
  63. Mother Gothel wears red, a colour that is often used to symbolize evil.
  64. David Schwimmer and Burt Reynolds were cast in roles that were eventually deleted I the pre-production stage.
  65. When Rapunzel heals Flynn’s hand she says ‘Don’t Freak Out’, which is a line often said to Chuck, the title character in the TV series Chuck, played by Zachary Levi.
  66. In the lantern scene, the streets light up in the same way Rapunzel’s hair does.
  67. Glen Keanes ambition with this film was o make the computer ‘bend its knee to the artist’ instead of having the computer dictate the artistic style/look of the film.
  68. When Mother Gothel is first seen in the tower with Rapunzel, there are several items that reveal her true intentions.
  69. Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel can be seen in the tower.
  70. There is a pattern of an apple on the bottom of the newel post of the stairway.
  71. There is also a lantern emitting a green colour that is reminiscent of Maleficents magic.
  72. When Mother Gothel is looking for her bricked up doorway into the tower, the plant covering the base of the tower resembles Campanula Rapunculus, commonly known as the Rapunzel.
  73. Rapunzel is not a climbing plant however so the animators have taken some creative license with it
  74. You Are My Forever was a deleted song that was meant to be sung to Rapunzel at different times during the film.
  75. Originally it was to be sung by Moher Gothel in a maternal way.
  76. Flynn would later reprise the song in a romantic way.
  77. You Are My Forever was eventually replaced with I See The Light and Mother Knows Best.
  78. During the reprise of Mother Knows Best, fog surrounds the characters which is meant to reflect how Gothel is clouding Rapunzel’s mind with doubt.
  79. Pascal was inspired by a producer’s pet chameleon named Pascal.
  80. Clay Aiken was at one point considered for the role of Flynn Ryder during the films pre-production in 2005.
  81. Kristen Chenoweth and Dan Fogler were the original voices chosen for Rapunzel and Flynn
  82. Mother Gothel bears a striking resemblance to pop star Cher.
  83. Reese Witherspoon was also considered for the role of Rapunzel.
  84. The dagger Mother Gothel takes with her when she leaves to look for Rapunzel is identical to the dagger Frollo carries in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  85. Rachel Rogers provided the voice for Young Rapunzel during the initial scratch phase.
  86. The main setting of Tangled is the fictional kingdom of Corona.
  87. The infamous ‘Frying pans, who knew?’ line seems to be homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark when the damsel in distress has nothing else to fight with but a frying pan.
  88. The credits move back and forth across the screen like flowing hair.
  89. At the end of the movie, you see that the king has aged but he queen has not, which may have something to do with drinking a liquid version of the flower.
  90. Tangled was released as part of a four-disc combo on March 29th
  91. The combo pack includes Blu-ray 3D, standard blu-ray, DVD and a digital copy.
  92. It is the eighth film in the Disney Animated Canon to receive a PG rating.
  93. Eugene is 24 years old and Rapunzel is 18 during the movie.
  94. This gives them a six year age gap making them have the largest age gap of any Disney animated couple, not including Milo and Kida.
  95. The lantern that has the Corona sign on that Rapunzel lifts is the same lantern the king and queen of Corona had lifted.
  96. This was the last Disney Animated film to be composed by Alan Menken.
  97. It was also the first film from that studio to be composed by a recurring composer since Chicken Little.
  98. Tangled is the first film based on a fairy tale to not be named after the original title.
  99. When Rapunzel and Flynn are in the library I the kingdom, a book with the cover for The Little Mermaid can be seen on a stack of books on a chair.
  100. The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast can be seen as well.

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