Tangled Inspired Bows

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Tangled is one of my favourite of the modern Disney films. I feel that although it is a CGI movie, Disney found their spark again. Their self-esteem was most likely dimmed by the failure of the traditionally hand drawn Princess and the Frog (which I personally feel was a very good movie and should have done a lot better than it did) and so, felt the need to use their trustworthy Princess go to’s but switching it up to make it modern and fresh.

Tangled has a huge fan base and following and it’s not shocking to see that there are many Etsy shops selling Tangled inspired items. Today, I thought I would have a look at Tangled inspired hair bows. They’re something different to ears to wear in the park.

45. Tangled

Clarkes Geek Bowtique, VP Bowtiquex

Clarkes Geek Bowtique, Iniki Mouse Bowtique

Cute Stomizing by Dyana, A and MS Bowtique

Aurora’s Bowtique, Only A Dream Boutique

Charming Bug Designs, Only A Dream Bowtique

Mickey Waffles, Sew Its Magic

Once Upon A Bowtique UK, My Charmed Hair Bows

Where Seams Come True, Clarkes Geek Bowtique

Made With Magic Bows, Dream Love and Bows

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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