100 Facts About Wreck-It-Ralph

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We move onto a film that I feel is very underrated. Being released after Tangled, it had a lot to live up to. It’s not a Disney Princess movie so I feel it sort of fell behind. It should be seen as the fantastic film it is as it has some heart warming moments and also, an amazing credits song!

47. Wreck It Ralph

100 Facts About Wreck It Ralph

  1. Wreck it Ralph was released November 2nd 2012 in the US.
  2. It wasn’t released till February 8th 2013 in the UK.
  3. It was given a budget of $165 million.
  4. Unlike most animated films, the principal actors regularly recorded audio sessions together in the same room.
  5. This led to a lot of improvising.
  6. The bartender game which appears, Tapper, was controversial in real life.
  7. Wreck it Ralph was released 75 years to the day after the first ever Walt Disney animation film.
  8. The train station of Nice Land shows that the population is 224×256, the common resolution of an 8-Bit game.
  9. Disney first began developing an animated project about the world of video game characters in the 1980s.
  10. At the time, the project was called High Score.
  11. In the 1990s, the film changed to become titled Joe Jump.
  12. In the 2000s, when the movie was finally pushed forward, the first two months of story development focused on Fix-It Felix Jr as the main character.
  13. Disneyland guests were able to play the Fix-It Felix Jr arcade game at the starcade in Tomorrowland near the exit to Space Mountain
  14. Early in production it was considered to keep all the characters in their native graphic quality, essentially making Ralph look 8-bit the entire time.
  15. This was deemed too difficult for making Ralph a sympathetic, lovable character.
  16. The graffiti in Game Central Station contains many inside jokes and references to famous video games.
  17. One says ‘Aerith Lives’ in reference to Final Fantasy VII.
  18. Another says ‘All your base are belong to us’ from the infamously poor English translation of the game Zero Wing.
  19. Outside of King Candy’s castle, Oreo Cookie soldiers are shown marching outside and chanting’Or-e-o, Or-eee-o’ which is a parody of a scene from The Wizard of Oz.
  20. The character ‘Cyborg’ does Kano’s signature Mrtal Kmobat fatality on the zombie during the Bad Guys meeting.
  21. Cyborgs appearance is clearly based on Kano.
  22. King Candy’s voice and character design is modelled after Ed Wynn.
  23. At Fix-It Felix Jr’s party, Ralph is enraged by Gene and smashes the cake which splatter across the room, resembling the shape of an alien in Space Invaders.
  24. Several popular video game characters make an appearance in this movie
  25. This includes M. Bison, Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Clyde the orange ghost, Bowser from upper Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  26. During the storyboard process, Sugar Rush contained many more mini games spread throughout the kingdom that Ralph and Vanellope had to play to win parts for their car.
  27. This was all condensed into the bakeshop scene and many Sugar Rush characters were left unused.
  28. The high score of Wreck-It Ralph’s game cabinet is 120501, which is also a nod to the birthday of Walt Disney when divided up as 12/05/01.
  29. The thug, Vladimir, from Tangled can be found in the game central station,
  30. There is a piece of graffiti on the right side of the tunnel which reads ‘Leeroooooy’, a nod to Leeroy Jenkins, a World of Warcraft player who obtained internet fame from a video of him running head-long into battle while shouting his own name
  31. In the beginning of the movie when Ralph first enters Felix’s apartment there is a waterfall sculpture in the apartment on the left side of the screen.
  32. The speed, size and pattern of the waterfall is almost identical to the waterfall featured on the start of the screen of the classic NES game The Legend of Zelda.
  33. When Ralph is hiding in the chocolate pond from the Devil Dogs, the sound yu hear is Darth Vaders famous breathing sound sped up.
  34. The DJ at Fix-It Felix Jr’s anniversary party is designed after Skrillex.
  35. Skrillex wrote the music from the scene in which Ralph first goes into battle in Hero’s Duty.
  36. The cop’s badges parody the real police motto ‘To Protect and Serve’ reading ‘To Heat and Serve’.
  37. The Sugar Rush racer Minty Zaki is a tribute to Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.
  38. In early productions, Dr Willy, the villain of the Mega Man game series, was included in the storyboard process in the ‘villain support group’ scene.
  39. He was written out due to pacing reasons.
  40. Ralph and his game, ‘Fix-it Felix Jr’ draws inspiration from Donkey Kong.
  41. Wreck-It Ralph won five Annie Awards.
  42. These were for Best Animated Feature, Director, Music, Voice Acting and Writing in an Animated Feature Production.
  43. This is the first time an animated feature film made by Walt Disney Animation Studios has taken the top prize at these awards since Mulan.
  44. When Wreck-It Ralph is interrogating Sour Bill, he says ‘I wonder how many licks it would take me to get to your centre’ which is a reference to a 1970s advert for a Tootsie Pop.
  45. When Ralph is looking in the lost and found for the meal, he pulls out an exclamation mark and the sound from the Metal Gear Solid is heard.
  46. Ralph, Felix, Vanellope and Calhoun all resemble their respective voice actors.
  47. The doughnut-shaped police who harass Ralph in Sugar Rush are named Wynnchel and Duncan which is a sly reference to Winchell’s Donut House and Dunkin Donuts.
  48. The guard for the Baking Factory is Beard Papa, the mascot for the Japanese Cream Puff shop of the same name.
  49. While he is sleeping, he is dreaming about cream puffs.
  50. The short film Paperman was released with this film.
  51. The Paper from this film appears on the wall at the Bad-Anon meeting behind Ralph.
  52. The guns used by the soldiers in Hero’s Duty make the same sound effects as the laser weapons seen in the opening scene of Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  53. When King Candy opens the secret vault that contains the game’s code, the exact sound effect of the Cyberdyne vault opening can be heard.
  54. Director Rich Moore was inspired to create the character of Vanellope after reading the memoir, ‘The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee’ by Sarah Silverman.
  55. He would eventually cast Sarah Silverman as the role of Vanellope.
  56. Ralph and Felix are the only characters from the game Fix It Felix Jr. who do not move in 8-bit style outside of game play.
  57. Fix-it Felix’s jump sound is the same used by Mario from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
  58. The arcade owner character, Mr Litwak, wears a referee’s shirt as a reference to real life personality Walter Day who was the owner of the Twin Galaxies Arcade in Iowa.
  59. Jerry Buckner wrote a song for the movie called ‘Wreck-it, Wreck-it Ralph’ under the Buckner and Garcia name, even though Gary Garcia passed away in 2011.
  60. In an exterior shot of Litwak’s Family Fun Centre, a billboard is visible advertising for Double U Dee’s with a dancing mouse mascot.
  61. Double U Dee’s is another way of saying WD’s or Walt Disney’s.
  62. The Sheriff’s release Devil Dogs as trackers which were cream-filled devils food cake snacks from Drakes.
  63. It is also a long-standing nickname for the U.S Marine Corps which was supposedly founded by the Germans during WWI.
  64. During early production, Disney had Mario set to cameo in the film but producer Clark Spencer claimed that they couldn’t think of the right way to incorporate him into the film.
  65. While in Hero’s Duty, Ralph stumbles upon some eggs that look very similar to the eggs from Alien.
  66. When the eggs hatch, an infant cybug jumps out and latches onto Ralphs face, in a much gentler parody of the attack on Kane in Aline.
  67. Several green mints in Sugar Rush form two hidden Mickey’s.
  68. The high score in the main menu of the blu-ray/DVD release for North America is 110212.
  69. This is a reference to the release date for the film.
  70. The forest area in the background of Nice Land was inspired by the block design of the PC game Minecraft.
  71. Cymbre Walk, the casting associate for the film, is also credited with voicing the racer Crumbelina Di Caramello, who never utters a sound throughout the film.
  72. Many people who saw the initial material for this film and mistook it for a Pixar film.
  73. While Felix and Calhoun are talking before entering Sugar Rush, there is graffiti on the wall in the background which say’s ‘Sheng Long Was Here’.
  74. This is a reference to a hoax about a Street Fighter character by that name.
  75. According to director Rich Moore, all the characters from existing videogames are portrayed by their real-life voice actors.
  76. The design of Game Central station is modelled after New York City’s Grand Central Station Terminal.
  77. Felix repeatedly refers to Ralph as his brother which they technically are as they were created by the same developer.
  78. They are also similar in appearance with having the same exact shape and positioning of the eyes, eyebrows, noses, ears, mouth and the same hair colour.
  79. The mini game at the Kart Bakery, which lasts 60 seconds, actually takes 73 seconds of screen time.
  80. Fix-it Felix depicts a carpenter in reference to the original Donkey Kong where Mario was also depicted as a carpenter before he was later changed to a plumber.
  81. The two games next to Fix-it Felix are Asteroids (released o Atari in 1979) and Space Invaders (1978).
  82. Although there are technically 14 racers, not including Vanellope or King Candy, only ten of them are real characters.
  83. The final four are filler figures and only used to pad up the number of racers at the start line to 14.
  84. They do not have a unique design and are simply re-coloured duplicates of Jubileena Bing-Bing, Minty Zaki, Adorabeezle Winterpop and Minty Zaki again.
  85. There is an arcade cabinet called Fatal Assault, a completely fabricated game that features cameos by Tiny the Dinosaur and Lefty the Octopus from Meet the Robinsons.
  86. Tiny is also seen in the background of Game Central Station.
  87. The start of the mini game where Ralph and Vanellope build a car resembles the 1983 ZX Spectrum game ‘Cookie’ where the objective of the game is to knock flying ingredients into a mixing bowl while knocking the flying trash into trash cans.
  88. Jennifer Lee, one of the film’s two screenwriters, became the first woman to write a screenplay for a full-length Disney animated feature film since Noni White for Tarzan.
  89. All the humanoid characters in Sugar Rush have four fingers on each hand.
  90. The vast majority of characters from other games have five fingers on each hand.
  91. Sergeant Calhoun was originally envisioned as a male.
  92. King Candy’s horn plays Hail to the Chief which in reality is played for the US President and not royalty.
  93. A Nicelander that looked like John Lasseter was designed but didn’t make the final movie.
  94. The wall of sketches of different characters in Tapper, also includes one of Rich Moore in the bottom right corner.
  95. The chapel scene in Sergeant Calhoun’s tragic backstory was modelled on the United States Air Force Academy’s Cadet Chapel.
  96. The manufacturer of the plus shown in Game Central Station is ‘Moore’, a reference to director Rich Moore.
  97. The film was originally due to be released in March 2013 under the title Reboot Ralph.
  98. Composer Thomas Newman was originally hired to write the score for the film before he was replaced by Henry Jackman.
  99. Wreck-It Ralph was the 12th biggest grossing film of 2012.
  100. This was Alan Tudyk’s 2nd Animated film of 2012 after Ice Age: Continental Drift.

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