100 Facts About Frozen

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Well, the time has come to talk about the film that everyone knows and about the song that no one can ever get out of their head once you hear it. Frozen is probably the most popular Disney film ever released. Four years following it’s release it is still everywhere. Whether it be in Disney parks or as unofficial merchandise in shops. We still can’t let it go!

48. Frozen

  1. Frozen was released on November 19th
  2. It is the 53rd animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.
  3. It is a 3D computer animated musical fantasy comedy film.
  4. It was created and produced at Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  5. It was distributed y Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
  6. It is the fifth film in what is known as the Disney Revival Era.
  7. Frozen underwent numerous story treatments for several years.
  8. It was finally commissioned in 2011.
  9. Rapunzel and Eugene have a cameo in this film
  10. They can be seen as the gates open during For The First Time in Forever.
  11. Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven are a reference to Hans Christian Anderson.
  12. He was the author of The Snow queen which this movie is loosely based on.
  13. According to Jennifer Lee, one of the directors, Anna is 18 years old in the movie.
  14. Both Elsa and Kristoff are 21 years old.
  15. Hans is 23 years old.
  16. Idina Menzel had originally auditioned for the role of Rapunzel in Tangled.
  17. This audition was recorded and two years later got her the role of Elsa.
  18. In April 2014, Frozen was both the highest grossing animated musical film of all time and the ninth highest grossing movie of all time.
  19. In april 2014 it had a box office gross of $1.097 billion.
  20. During Olaf’ song, his dance with four seagulls is a nod to Berts dance with four penguins in Mary Poppins.
  21. There is a plush of Mickey Mouse on one of the shelves in Wandering Oakens Trading Post and Sauna.
  22. According to actor Josh Gad a handful of Olaf’s dialog in the film was improvised to make the producers laugh.
  23. A live reindeer was brought into the animating studio for animators to study its movements and mannerisms for Sven.
  24. Jennifer Lee said it was the best moment during production for her.
  25. Elsa is the second animated Disney princess to become Queen during her film.
  26. She is the first animated Disney princess to be crowned on screen.
  27. When the king pulls the book off the shelf to figure out where to find the trolls, the book is written in Nordic runes, originating in Scandinavia where the film crew drew much inspiration.
  28. A map that falls out of the book resembles the map of The Lonely Mountains seen in The Hobbit.
  29. In early designs, the giant Snow Monster that Elsa creates was a giant version of Olaf who addressed him as little brother.
  30. It was later decided that although it was cute and kind of funny, it ultimately looked a bit dumb.
  31. Kristen Bell had also auditioned for the role of Rapunzel in Tangled.
  32. In addition to being the first woman to direct a full-length Disney animated feature film, Jennifer Lee also became the first woman to solely write an entire screenplay for a Disney Animated film since Linda Woolverton for Beauty and the Beast.
  33. Elsa’s castle needed at least 50 animators to create it.
  34. Kristen Bell stated that with this film, she fulfilled the dream of voicing an animated character, that began in her childhood.
  35. For the song ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’, three different actresses respectively provided the singing voice of Anna.
  36. Katie Lopez as young Anna.
  37. Agatha Lee Monn as teenage Anna.
  38. Kristen Bell as Anna.
  39. The production crew went to Norway on a two-week long trip before production began.
  40. The movie as largely informed from that trip.
  41. The film spent 16 consecutive weeks as the number one film in Japan since it was released March 13, 2014.
  42. It eventually broke the record set by Spirited Away as the highest grossing animated film in Japan.
  43. Else’s ice castle changes colour with her emotions.
  44. Blue is for happy, red is for fear and yellow is anger.
  45. The most complex frame in the movie required over 132 hours to render.
  46. Els is the third Disney vocal role for Idina Menzel.
  47. During Let It Go, Elsa releases the clasp on her purple cape, which the wind promptly takes away, symbolising her ‘letting go’ of her responsibilities of being queen.
  48. Kristen Bell improve the line ‘Wait ..wat?’ that Anna says during her first meeting with Hans.
  49. Much of the US had a colder than average spell in the winter of 2013, prompting many jokes about the powers of Elsa and Disney’s marketing department
  50. During the early development of the film, when Elsa was still meant to be the villain of the film, the design of Elsa was inspired by Bette Midler.
  51. The minor characters Kai and Gerda are named after main characters of the original story of The Snow Queen.
  52. Over 24 minutes of the film is dedicated to musical sequence.
  53. Santino Fontana auditioned for the role of Flynn Rider for Tangled.
  54. He was later called back for the role of Hans.
  55. The film took over 600 people to complete it.
  56. It took 3 million hours which equates to about 2.5 years.
  57. The first non-sequel animated film to cross the $400 million mark since The Lion King.
  58. Whenever a specific troll sings, his or her crystal lights up.
  59. The Duke of Weselton is the second consecutive Disney character to be voiced by Alan Tudyk following King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph.
  60. Hans horse that prevents Anna from falling in the water early in the movie is named Sitron which is Norwegian for lemon.
  61. Frozen’s soundtrack spent thirteen consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard 200.
  62. During the song, ‘In Summer’, there are two hidden outlines of Olaf’s body.
  63. One is in his drink cup frmed by ice cubes
  64. The other is formed by clouds in the sky when he’s lying on the picnic blanket.
  65. The King’s first and last words in the movie are both Elsa.
  66. Santino Fontana originally auditioned for Kristoff.
  67. When the snow monster scares Hans and the other men, the monsters initial gesture and facial expression are almost exactly like Sully’s when he scares Boo in Monsters Inc.
  68. Grandpabbie is the only troll to wear a different coloured crystal necklace.
  69. The first Disney animated feature to have a soundtrack release on vinyl record since Oliver and Company.
  70. The male trolls wear blue or green crystals.
  71. The female trolls wear pink and red crystals.
  72. When Anna sings ‘Do you Want to Build A Snowman?’ and is lying on the floor in front of the clock, there is a Mickey sitting on the top left hand corner of the book shelf.
  73. A lyric from Let It Go was originally written as ‘Couldn’t keep it in, God knows I tried,’
  74. He was not allowed to use the word god and so it was changed to heaven.
  75. Alan Menken was originally going to write the songs for the movie.
  76. He even wrote a song called ‘Love Can’t be Denied’.
  77. This song didn’t stay in the score however as Menken left the project.
  78. Olaf’s name is a clue to his characters purpose in providing comic relief.
  79. It can be interpreted to mean ‘oh laugh’.
  80. Frozen was the highest grossing animated film of 2013.
  81. It was third highest grossing of 2013 behind catching Fire and Iron Man 3.
  82. The original Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson is a personal favourite of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II.
  83. When Olaf sings ‘in Summer’ you can see the sun-balm that Oaken mentions he made.
  84. The name Sven and Olaf are the same names as the characters from Titanic who Jack wins his Titanic tickets from in a poker game.
  85. As of 2016, Frozen is the highest grossing animated film of all time.
  86. It took 9 months for Elsa’s castle to be completed.
  87. Anna’s horse is called Kjekk which is Norwegian for handsome.
  88. Sven was originally going to be called Thor.
  89. Lino DiSalvo blocked out most of Olaf’s performance in traditional hand drawn animation, then simply duplicated it on the final CG character.
  90. This became the first animated movie to sell over ten million tickets in South Korea.
  91. Anna was originally going to be called Greta which is similar to Gerda, the heroine of The Snow Queen.
  92. The film was theatrically released with a Mickey Mouse cartoon Get A Horse.
  93. Arendelle was inspired by the country of Norway.
  94. Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff have previously worked together on Glee.
  95. Paul Rugg, in his Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy voice, was considered for the role of the duke of Wessleton.
  96. Jack Whitehall was cast as one of the trolls but his one line was removed from the final version of the film.
  97. The name given to the ice monster is marshmallow.
  98. Anna is the only Disney Princess to share a duet with the villain.
  99. The thawing of Anna starts specifically from her left side of her chest where the human heart is located.
  100. In Let it Go, Elsa refers to her magic as frozen fractals however that word was not coined until 1975 and so, Elsa would not have known of this word.

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