100 Facts About Big Hero 6

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Big Hero 6 will forever be in my top 3 for the Revival Era. Disney are doing so well with their movies recently. This movie made me laugh, it made me cry and I loved the fact it wasn’t their usual Princess-esque style movie. This was Marvel, it had fighting, it had robots and was genuinely such an amazing movie. I wish it had received the type of advertisement that other Disney films receive as it would have done so much better with it. Baymax will forever be one of my favourite ever Disney characters.

49. Big Hero 6

100 Facts About Big Hero 6

  1. Big Hero 6 was released on November 7th
  2. It is the 54th film in the Disney Animated Canon.
  3. It is the 6th film in the Disney Revival era.
  4. Big Hero 6 was the first Disney animated feature film to star characters from Marvel Entertainment.
  5. Walt Disney Company acquired the rights in 2009.
  6. Big Hero 6 was theatrically accompanied by the short film Feast.
  7. Baymax’s movement and posing was modelled after studying the movement of a baby with a full nappy.
  8. The production team watched videos of fire ants as an inspiration of the movement of the microbots
  9. In order toc reate the thousands of civilians living in San Fransokyo, the production team invented a program called the Denizen Factory.
  10. This allowed them to build a whole series of background characters that each have a distinct design.
  11. The world the animators designed is bigger than that of Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen combined.
  12. When Honey Lemon’s supersuit is created, her purse displays a miniature version of the periodic table of elements.
  13. Although it is based on a Marvel comic of the same name, there are lots of changes to the names, the setting, the ethnicities of characters, the back stories and several plot points.
  14. Over 200 different signs were created for the advertisements for San Fransokyo.
  15. The idea of combining San Francisco’s and Tokyo’s skylines came from John Lasseter.
  16. He suggested creating a new and different mythical city for the film.
  17. In Fred’s library, one of the small statuettes in the background book case is Elastigirl from The Incredibles.
  18. As a Latina, Honey Lemon is the only character who pronounces Hiro with an accent.
  19. In Hiro’s room, next to his computer monitor, there appears to be a robot head resembling E.V.E from Wall-E.
  20. This film does not share the same universe as the Marvel Cinematic universe.
  21. It is not branded as a Marvel property from Marvel studios.
  22. This is the first Disney film to only show the title of the movie at the end and not at the beginning,
  23. While designing Baymax’s super-suit, there is a drawing resembling the top half of Iron Mans helmet.
  24. When Hiro falls between his desk and bed after activiating Baymax, you can see Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s face on Hiro’s ceiling.
  25. The Portal testing lab was meant to be located deep in the catacombs of Alcatraz but was changed to an alternate version of Angel Island called Akuma Island.
  26. Akuma means demon or devil in Japanese.
  27. The villains name, Yokai means spirit or phantom in Japanese.
  28. Two important characters from the Big Hero 6 comic, Silver Samurai and Sunfire did not make it into the film.
  29. This is because 20th Century Fox owns both characters because of their affiliation with the X-Men.
  30. Tadashi’s cap has the SF emblem, which is written in the same font as the Sunfire comic.
  31. Go Go Tomago’s suit is yellow to match her name as Tomago means egg in Japanese.
  32. Before deciding that Baymax should have an expression-less face, he was originally going to have a face that only does five different expressions.
  33. J Miller who voices Fred, improvised most of his character’s exclamations.
  34. The inflatable, vinyl truly huggable design of Baymax is inspired by ‘soft robotics’ research at Carnegie Mellon University.
  35. Don Hall chose San Francisco as the city to be blemded with Tokyo as LA isn’t a massive city and New York is too common an epicentre for Marvel comic world.
  36. The design of Baymax’s eyes were taken from Japanese traditional bell which is called Suzu.
  37. Don Hall says he got the inspiration when he visited a temple in japan
  38. One of the few Disney films to be partially owned by Pixar and Marvel.
  39. Like the Marvel movies, this film also has an end of credits scene.
  40. Fred mentions that he likes to make movies about himself in a rubber suit stomping on boxes.
  41. This is a reference to his original power of having the ability to transform into a giant monster that can stop down houses.
  42. The character know as Wasabi No-Ginger had his last name officially dropped from the film.
  43. He is simply known as Wasabi.
  44. Go Go is Disney’s first Korean character.
  45. Lead character designer Shiyoon Kim drew upon his experience with ‘tough’ sister stereotypes whilst mixing it in with the bike messenger/trick culture of San Francisco.
  46. This is Alan Tudyk’s third Disney movie in a row.
  47. Sang-Jin Kim and his team originally thought of South Korean actress Donna Bae when creating Go Go.
  48. They incorporated independent and athletic traits after Korean short track skaters.
  49. Sang-Jin Kim became the first Korean to become the top animator at Walt Disney Studios.
  50. The Big Hero 6 characters were originally envisioned as Koreans.
  51. They were later given Japanese names.
  52. The character name Krei appears to be a reference to the Cray Research Company who made the earliest supercomputers in 1971.
  53. The film takes place in 2032.
  54. In the opening bot battle, Hiro goes up against Yama who has the Japanese character for mountain embroidered on his jacket.
  55. Yama is Japanese for mountain.
  56. When Hiro receives the video message from his friends on his computer, you can see a Nintendo 8-bit controller on the desk under the screen.
  57. The clock in Hiro’s room is at the time 2:15 during the entire movie,
  58. The words Big hero 6 are never spoken in the film.
  59. The emblem of the make of the car driven by the heroes in the car chase midway through the movie is a stylized Mickey, consisting of three overlapping circles.
  60. Baymax’s movement was so limited that the production studio codenamed it Unimating
  61. In the back of Fred’s room is a display case with two mannequins wearing the costumes of two lesser Marvel comics super villains.
  62. The blue mannequin on the left is of the Sub-Mariner villain Orka.
  63. The chicken themed one on the right is that of the voodoo priest known as Black Talon.
  64. According to the Big hero 6 art book, Mochi the cat was originally going to wear rocket pads on its paws.
  65. A cat that looks similar to Mochi wears rocket pads in the background at the science lab.
  66. When Hiro first meets everyone at college, Honey says her ball of carbide weighs 400 pounds but in reality, carbide measuring 36” in diameter would weigh over 14,000 pounds.
  67. Youtubers Dan Howell and Phillip Lester have voice cameos as technicians #1 and #2 in the British version, only in theatres.
  68. The wave shown during the credits where the lighting supervisors were names, is a reference to a famous art work by Hokusai; The Great Wave off Kanagawa.
  69. This is the first Disney film to be based on a manga series.
  70. The bot battle in the alley is a reference to the fact that San Francisco was the first city to hold robot combat competitions.
  71. Hiro Hamada was born in 2018.
  72. During the montage of shots of Hiro in the garage creating the microbots, there is a brief shot of him using a laser pointer to play with Mochi.
  73. The Robotics Lab is based on architectural designs by Santiago Calatrava, Renzo Piano & Shin Takamatsu.
  74. Baymax has a balloon like face with eyes connected by a thin line that evokes the image of a ‘moktak’, a wooden percussion instrument often used by Buddhist monks.
  75. In late 2014, an extended preview of Big Hero 6 was presented in 4D at Disneyland in California in the Magic Eye Theatre, replacing Captain EO 2.0.
  76. When the six enter Freds room for the first time we can see on the left of the door a statue of Torpedo and ex Marvel villain.
  77. The film may also draw inspiration from the Big hero 6 mini-series where Wasabi and Fred first appeared.
  78. During the first twenty minutes of the movie, Tadashi’s breathing is also animated.
  79. The scene where Baymax is holding up rubble to protect the team is highly reminiscent of the Hulk holding up a mountain in and on the cover of Secret Wars #4.
  80. The green colour scheme for Baymax’s prototype suit is a reference to his comic book counterpart.
  81. On the police officer’s desk in the police station, a photo of a woman from the pound in Bolt can be seen in a picture frame.
  82. The most challenging part of designing Baymax’s supers-suit was the wings.
  83. The shirt Hiro is wearing is Baymax in his red battle-suit.
  84. The police officer seems to be names after the person who voiced him, Disney/Pixar employee Daniel Gerson.
  85. Hiro’s nervous tic when he catches his reflection on the ide of a building was actually derived from Ryan Potters own body language in the recording booth.
  86. Potter said he was amazed when he saw this incorporated into the animation.
  87. When Hiro is unboxing Baymax’s rocket fist at the end of the movie there is a McMaster Carr catalogue on his bookshelf, which is an essential engineering resource.
  88. Baymax’s charging station looks just like his final suit but on a smaller scale.
  89. When Baymax is hugging Hiro before he contacted his friends, there is a round poster of Yama from the bot fight in the beginning of the film.
  90. James Cromwell also played a character named Callaghan in Salems Lot.
  91. Damon Wayans Jr. who voices Wasabi had his first onscreen appearance as a child in another superhero film called Blankman.
  92. The film became the thirteenth highest grossing Disney film.
  93. It is also one of the top four highest grossing Disney films that are not made by Pixar.
  94. Hiro’s window is shaped like a pokeball from the Pokemon Gaming Franchise.
  95. There is a poster for Zootropolis when Baymax and Hiro fly under the train tracks.
  96. In the credits of the movie, the painted poster n the train refers to a Japanese anime named Gundam.
  97. When Baymax first tests out his new rocket fist in Fred’s mansion, the statue that it destroy is Hans from Frozen.
  98. In Fred’s mansion, a portrait of Stan Lee can be seen as Fred’s dad; like all Marvel movies, it’s in the contract for Lee to feature in some way.
  99. Mochi can be seen wearing a Stitch costume in one of the photos hanging in the stairway of the house.
  100. Throughout the end credits, news articles show the future of Hiro and the rest of the team.

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