100 Facts About Zootropolis

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This week we visit another one of my favourite modern Disney films. I went to the cinema to see this and absolutely adored it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it since I got the DVD for Christmas last year. I feel it has so many good and positive messages and deals with certain topics that people face every day such a prejudice and injustice.

50. Zootopia

  1. Zootropolis was released on March 4th 2016 in the United States and Canada.
  2. This was under the name Zootopia.
  3. It was released March 25th 2016 in the UK under the name Zootropolis.
  4. The film was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  5. It is the 55th animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.
  6. It has a budget of $150 million.
  7. Zootropolis grossed $1.023 billion worldwide.
  8. Originally the film revolved around Nick Wilde.
  9. Test audiences reported that they had a hard time connecting with him emotionally and instead found themselves drawn to Judy Hopps.
  10. Animators decided on Judy’s purple eye colour because they thought the rest of her grey fur markings were too dull.
  11. Purple was chosen to represent her energetic and optimistic personality.
  12. Alan Tudyk voices Duke Weaselton in Zootropolis having voiced Duke Wessleton in Frozen.
  13. Judy mispronounces Dukes surname as Weselton in this movie.
  14. To accommodate various countries, the crew at Disney substituted a different animal for news anchor Moosebridge that has significance in that particular country.
  15. Austrailia were given a Koala, voiced by David E. Campbell.
  16. Japan was given a Tanuki, or racoon dog, voiced by Japanese comedian Koura Kazumasa.
  17. China were given a Giant Panda which was still voiced by Peter Mansbridge.
  18. Brazil had a Jaguar which was voiced by Ricardo Boechat, a journalist.
  19. Moosebridge was going to be a corgi for the UK version but they kept him as a moose.
  20. They renamed him Moosos Alexander and was voiced by BBC sport reporter Vassos Alexander.
  21. The UK home release however kept the characters US name and voice.
  22. Nick Wildes design is heavily based on the title character from Robin Hood.
  23. Chief Bogo’s name is taken from the Swahili word mbogo meaning buffalo.
  24. According to Nicks employment application form he is 4 feet tall and weighs 8-0 pounds.
  25. His special abilities include night vision, excellent sense of smell and business savvy.
  26. Also when asked if he has a criminal record he checked yes, then crossed it out and checked no.
  27. The pirated DVDs that Duke Weaselton is selling are movies with word plays to other Walt Disney Animation Studio features.
  28. Examples are Pig hero 6, Floatzen, Wreck-It Rhino and Meowana.
  29. The nudist yoga instructor is named Nangi which refers to a naked woman in the Hindi language.
  30. There are no reptiles, birds, fish or amphibians throughout the entire movie.
  31. This was in keeping with the prey and predator theme of the film.
  32. There are numerous sight gags consisting of animal versions of common human brand names.
  33. Examples are Lucky Chomps, Pawpsicle, Moustercharge, Catsio and Hoof Locker.
  34. It was November 2014 when the production team decided to change the story to emphasize Judy Hopps as the main character.
  35. To help with the difficulties of the late sudden change, Jared Bush as hired as a co-director alongside Byron Howard and Rich Moore.
  36. Some have speculated that Judy Hopps is a reference to Judy Hoffs from 21 Jump Street.
  37. Byron Howard stated this is ‘a hilarious but amazing coincidence’.
  38. This is the fourth consecutive Disney animated feature for Alan Tudyk as an antagonistic role.
  39. If you look closely at Clawhausers spots you will see a hidden Mickey Mouse on his cheeks.
  40. The horn heard when Judy Hopps leaves her hometown and again when she arrives in Zootopia is the horn from the Monorail at Disney parks.
  41. The Sky Tram in the rain forest zone is a reference to the Skyway that ferried guests from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland in Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.
  42. Assistant villains Woolter and Jesse are modelled after Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad.
  43. Parodies of various songs from Disney’s past animated features are on Judy’s music player.
  44. When interrogated, Nick said he had been doing this since he was 12.
  45. Whilst Judy is multiplying everything together to figure out how much he owes in taxes, we hear her say ‘times two decades’ which would make Nick 32.
  46. The actor who plays Peter Moosebridge is Peter Mansbridge, a real news anchor from CBC in Canada.
  47. In earlier versions of the script, Nick was the son of a tailor and always wore sharp suits and a tie.
  48. Finnick was originally designed to wear Hawaiian shirts.
  49. The change in focus for the film meant Nik was given the Hawaiian shirt look to make him seem more relaxed and laid back.
  50. Josh Dallas voices a background character named Frantic Pig.
  51. Judy’s obnoxious next door neighbours who can constantly be heard to tell each other to shut up are a reference to the infamous ‘shut up little man’ recordings.
  52. The tapes were a pre-internet viral sensation where a pair of next door neighbour roommates were captured on audio arguing incessantly often ending with the pair screaming at each other to shut up.
  53. As a change of pace, Kristen Bell voiced slow talker, DMV sloth Priscilla following her fast-talker Anna in Frozen.
  54. Nick Wildes full name is Nicholas Piberius Wilde.
  55. According to Byron Howard, this was a play on Star Trek’s James Tiberius Kirk.
  56. This is the second film by Walt Disney Animation Studios to gross over $1 billion to the gross revenue.
  57. Judy’s cell phone provider as seen on her screen is PB&J which could be a reference to the Playhouse Disney series PB&J Otter.
  58. When Duke Weaselton is about to be iced at Mr Bigs place he says ‘They offered me what I couldn’t refuse, Money’ which is a clear reference to the famous dialogue said by Marlon Brando’s character Don Corleone.
  59. Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake, who voice Judy’s parents, are long-time friends and collaborators.
  60. Chief Bogo, when chastising Judy for having unrealistic dreams of becoming a real cop, tells her they aren’t living ‘in a cartoon world where you sing a little song and all your dreams come true’.
  61. He then follows this up by telling her to ‘let it go’.
  62. Young Judy Hopps was nine years old in the beginning of the movie.
  63. She confirms this was when the incident with Gideon Grey happened.
  64. The movie skips fifteen years into the future where Judy starts police training.
  65. If police training takes one year, this would make Judy 25 years old during the movie.
  66. Maurice LaMarche voices Mr Big, an animal crime lord modelled after Marlon Brando’s character in The Godfather.
  67. When Chief Bogo is handing out assignments at the end he says ‘Snarlov, Wolford, Higgens: undercover’, at which point, officer Wolford pulls a ram mask over his head, literally making him a wolf in sheeps clothing.
  68. Judy’s self-consoling line ‘Tomorrow is another day’ can be seen as a reference to the title of a major song from The Rescuers.
  69. When Judy and Nick search records from traffic cameras in City Hall, the system gives the coordinate of the one which can show the ‘Sky Tram’ as 37.181716 – 118.312193 which in the real world is the exact location of Los Angeles.
  70. Because the script changes were left so late in the production cycle, many character models and set pieces from the first script were retained with cosmetic changes.
  71. The abandoned warehouse in which Nick’s ‘Wild Times’ amusement park was to have been hidden is visible when Judy meets Nick at the bridge.
  72. The Oasis Hotel in Sahara Square was originally the Golden Palm in Rainforest District.
  73. This was originally going to have featured a thrilling escape down the leaf roofs.
  74. When Judy and Nick were being taken to Mr Big, it said Zoogle Photos on the phone of the polar bear sitting opposite Judy which is obviously a take on Google photos.
  75. The scene at the DMV with the slow talking sloths is a variation on comedy team Bob and Rays classic skit Slow Talkers of America.
  76. In the short scene with young Nick and his mother, the wallpaper there has the same pattern and colour of Nicks adult shirt.
  77. The coin of the city of Zootopia is the letter Z with two lines in, like the sign for the US dollar.
  78. The common Pixar Easter egg referencing A113 appears on Gideon Grey fox’s van number plate.
  79. The pause button on the printer located in the DMV is indicated by a paw print.
  80. Freeze frame on the citation written at 9:15am reveals that parking with an expired meter is a $25 fine.
  81. So writing 201 tickets means Officer Hopps has earned the city $5025 in revenue in two hours and 45 minutes.
  82. That is a pace of almost two tickets per minute.
  83. The name of the elephant in the film, Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. appears to be a reference to the title character of Dumbo, who was originally named Jumbo Jr.
  84. The ‘You shut up!’ exchange was also featured in Brother Bear between two rams.
  85. Bellwether is a sheep and is the only sheep in the movie to not have sheep like eyes.
  86. The crosswalks or zebra crossings in the film actually have a pattern that matches a zebra’s striped coat.
  87. Judy’s full name is Judy Laverne Hopps which is never spoken in the film.
  88. The design and colour scheme of the number plates in Zootopia is a direct homage to the number plates in Florida.
  89. After Judy enters the Rainforest District on the tram and it starts raining, as the camera pans down to show the pedestrians walking under the tramway, a hidden Mickey can be seen as the design on top of one of the blue umbrellas to the right.
  90. In the trailers, ick can be seen using a mobile phone to take selfies but in the film it appears he does not own a mobile phone or even a wallet.
  91. As Judy’s train passes the ‘Leaving Bunnyburrow’ sign it can be seen that the population of the town is rapidly increasing, which is a reference to the formidable procreative ability of rabbits.
  92. In Emmitt Otterton’s wallet, the driver’s license number makes reference to the year Disneyland opened (1955) and the birth year of John Lasseter (1957).
  93. This is Michael Giacchino’s ninth music core for a Disney movie.
  94. This is his first music score for a Disney movie made by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  95. Mark Rhino Smith’s casting as Officer McHorn is an in-joke to his wrestling personality, the Rhino.
  96. This is the first Disney Animated Feature to use the phrase ‘Oh my god’.
  97. First Disney animated film to feature Bonnie Hunt that is not a Pixar movie
  98. Nick Wilde, Finnick and Gideon Grey are the eighth, ninth and tenth Disney characters to be foxes.
  99. This is the first film from Walt Disney Animation Studios to be released in March since Meet the Robinsons nine years prior.
  100. With a running time of 108 minutes, this is the second longest Walt Disney Animation Studios film, behind Fantasia with 125 minutes.

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