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My Top 5 Muppets Christmas Carol Songs

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

So originally this week was going to be solely based on the Jim Carrey Disney version of A Christmas Carol, however, I couldn’t discuss A Christmas Carol without my absolute favourite version: The Muppets Christmas Carol. It used to be a family tradition that we would watch this whilst putting up our Christmas Tree on December 1st. I’ve tried my best to keep this tradition going now I’m always in my own home at the beginning of December and for Christmas.

Today I thought I would share my top five favourite songs from The Muppets Christmas Carol!

46. Christmas Carol

5. Bless Us All

This song may be one of my favourites but it can instantly make me cry. Tiny Tims story breaks my heart no matter the version of the story. Even though I know how it ends, the heartbreak the Cratchits go through is awful to watch. It’s also this song that makes Scrooge start to realise he needs to be a better person and treat Bob a lot better.

4. Scrooge

This song is the opening singing number from the movie and it immediately gets me singing. I sing a long to every song but this is the starting number that makes me sit and bob along. I love how they all sing about how bad Scrooge is behind his back, as he walks past. Also, the mice are the cutest things!

3. One More Sleep

If I’m not singing this song on Christmas Eve then consider there to be something wrong with me. Everything from the hilarious rats to the Penguin Christmas skating party, this song is wonderful.

2. It Feels Like Christmas

This song is so happy it can immediately make you feel Christmassy, no matter when you hear it! It also has a wonderful message through it that you should have a thankful heart and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

1. Marley and Marley

Okay, little bit of personal trivia. This was the first version of A Christmas Carol I ever saw and up until I saw Mickeys Christmas Carol, I genuinely believed there were two Marley brothers and every other version was wrong. I now know there were only two Marley Brothers in order to incorporate the Grumpy Old Men. When I think of Muppets Christmas Carol, this is the song I always think of. It’s my absolute favourite.

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