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My Top 5 Muppets Christmas Carol Songs

Aloha my wonderful merfolk! So originally this week was going to be solely based on the Jim Carrey Disney version of A Christmas Carol, however, I couldn’t discuss A Christmas Carol without my absolute favourite version: The Muppets Christmas Carol. It used to be a family tradition that we would watch this whilst putting up… Continue reading My Top 5 Muppets Christmas Carol Songs

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#Blogmas Day 23:Christmas Specials!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk! Christmas is creeping ever closer with only two days to go. It’s around this time that every channel on television repeats the Christmas specials from years gone by. I love these Christmas specials and I love watching them year after year and finding new ones to watch. Today, I’m going to… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 23:Christmas Specials!

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#Blogmas Day 22: Disney Christmas Phone Wallpapers!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk! Okay, December is nearly over but that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz your phone up for the last few days right? I’m super bad with choosing a phone background; I get very attached to ones I have and very rarely change them. However, I thought I would search for some wonderful… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 22: Disney Christmas Phone Wallpapers!